I took a picture in the capital building in Austin many years ago.  When trying to find it later, I couldn’t.  The idea just got pushed way behind the back burner.  I think it was on the counter in the garage and didn’t make it into the kitchen at that point.  Anyways, I was looking for something else and stumbled across the picture I had wanted so long ago.

Confederacy Creed

What a concept!  Teach truth and honest history.  Sad to say, this picture was taken from a back wall near a stairwell, so prominency was not desired per its placement.



I had thought that the emancipation proclamation was more for the purpose of keeping England from helping the confederates.  They had banned slavery a bit earlier, and this proclamation was a ploy to keep them away by use of embarrassment.

Every school kid needs to read this.   My wish is that every kid would understand it, but know the propaganda of the present system would preclude such a concept.


Notice the quality of the product at the end.  No electricity, computers, or other gadgets and still the end product appears perfect.  It’s as if a previous generation knew what they were doing.  What a concept.

This is a national religious holiday with a long history.  As a way of remembering, here are links to history, proclamation and establishment.  Thanks to God is noted in each rendition.  We thank Him as well.  We have come thus far through this year with an incredible number of challenges and recognize God’s blessings through them all.

I did a report on this submarine many decades ago.  It was quite interesting to see this report as I had heard that all the men in the sub were there just like they were during the attack.  The explanation makes sense.


I am flying  a different flag today.  (This is from the internet.  Mine is similar)  For those familiar with Texas history, today in 1836 was the decisive battle leading to Texas independence – the defeat of Antonio López de Santa Anna in present day Houston.  Information here.  Since there is an elementary school close to our house, I’m hoping some kids ask their teachers what that new flag down the street is.  Maybe a little history lesson may be disseminated.  Eventually, I’m thinking of placing one of those reader boards, like in a museum, along the sidewalk and have a simple explanation there for the curious.  Someone has to present real history, it might as well be me.

Spouseinbox and I were in the Texas state capital some time ago and I found a plaque in the right hallway behind the stair, facing the outside wall.  It stated that Texas would dedicate itself to the true history of the Confederacy and reasons for the war.  I have been holding off on posting until I found the picture of that plaque, but since I haven’t found it, but have found a good article on the subject, I decided to post anyways.  Next, there is a letter written by a Confederate soldier which describes the feelings, filling in the blanks noted by the article.  When I run across the picture of the plaque, I will post without the extra material.

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