Just an observation

First, there is no way I would own Alexa.  Next, this is cool.


Spouseinbox and I were having a discussion the other day.  Spouseinbox is facing surgery for cancer.  I am having my first meeting Friday about a broken wrist which will probably require surgery as well.  We were noting various issues – my knees were bad and spouseinbox’s feet were.  Other physical ailments were mentioned and we decided that if we placed all our good parts together, we could probably make a single good person.

We stayed in Texas, so our perspective of the eclipse was a bit out of the ultimate experience sought by some.  Since looking at the sun isn’t a safe occupation, I chose something to provide the dark needed and allow a picture.  I used a welder’s mask, then for another shot goggles to filter the light to an acceptable level.  One of the resulting pictures is below:

Eclipse through mask

I noted the welder’s mask provided a yellow tint whereas the goggles made the sun more green.

This month has been intense.  Both spouseinbox and I have physical problems awaiting treatment and kidinbox has now been observed to have potential blood sugar problems.  A live bedbug was found in the hallway while we are still working on cleaning the house to get rid of those things.  When feeling a bit overwhelmed, I had a patient call noting death of a relative and malignant cancer in another.  Another associate sent an email with request for prayer as a spouse had stage 4 renal carcinoma.  Between these and other things heard it occurred to me that everyone is having problems.  Only the type and severity differ.  There is a sentence in the Bible, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”  That seems so true.  There is enough rough stuff happening right now, we don’t need to borrow from either our neighbors, or tomorrow.  Let’s consider today and in the midst of issues say, “this is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  That stated, I am glad to be here working on music projects, to have spouseinbox helping with those projects.  I am glad to have a job with good working coworkers.  We have a wonderful church family as well.

The cats have been more regular about using the automated cat pan (Cat Genie) and I noted to spouseinbox that there was something missing in the bathroom.  We didn’t have the cat urine smell which used to hang there awaiting anyone entering the door.  My latest issue, though, is trying to get the unit to cycle at another time except O-dark-thirty.  I prefer to be sleeping at that hour.  I started a third cycle, so theoretically it will cycle every 8 hours and hopefully this will eliminate the waking cycle for me.  I pressed the start button to hopefully establish the new times and Jake is studiously sitting on the cabinet watching his poop get washed out of the litter.  He has more patience than me.  Maybe he is more easily entertained.

I especially like the first.

We are in the midst of doing a Kairos weekend.  This is a prison ministry.  It is similar to a Walk to Emmaus, or other 4 day activities.  About a month ago, we went on line to get a hotel and obtained a decent room on the outskirts of town.  The hotel manager is really trying to push his/her team and force all opponents to cheer.  The password to get on the internet is: gocowboys.  Imagine having to type that if you’re a Steeler’s fan…

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