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I was looking at some blog yesterday and noted a comment from President Trump concerning Warren.  What I heard was an audio clip made into a video with a still picture.  The end of the exchange was that President Trump was asked about Warren believing that she could win in 20 to which President Trump replies ask her psychiatrist.  I described that exchange to spouseinbox and later tried to find the audio.  I discovered a couple sites where it was removed.  The search engine with possible links for the subject I entered sent me to the Warren announcement for exploratory committee.  I found a transcript that eliminated the word “believe” losing sense of the following quip.  With searching, I did find the actual transcript – finally.  Note that the transcript removing the word “believe” didn’t provide ellipses to let the reader know there was something removed.  If I hadn’t heard the exchange prior, I would have thought the transcript was actual and wondered about President Trump’s retort at the end.

This again demonstrates the MSP.  I don’t trust anything coming from their mouths, keyboards, or video cameras.  I forget the pastor, but there was one in the 90’s who wouldn’t do a tape interview.  All his interviews had to be live, so they couldn’t edit the tape to make him appear to say something he wasn’t saying.  I have mentioned it previously, but will reiterate that in 1991, I would listen to the Pentagon briefing on the radio, go home and turn on the TV and end up yelling at the TV because they were saying things polar opposite of what was actually presented.  That was 28 years ago.  They haven’t done anything to redeem themselves since then, and have actually become more transparent for the political operatives they are.  That’s why I blog and nearly despise the TV.


This is an older article I had left in my draft folder and decided to pull out this morning.

Read here.

Excerpt:  Flynn wasn’t just some target to show off for the deep state, he wasn’t just an example to everyone else.  Flynn represented a threat to them of the greatest caliber.  This wasn’t random.  Michael Flynn has character and knows as much as they do.  This made him their number one threat.

One wouldn’t get this level of observation by watching the MSP  (Main Stream Propagandists) alphabet word readers.  That’s why I like the blogs.

In keeping with the end of the article, I consider and actually believe that Trump has his closest confidants and the MSP don’t really know who they are.  At least I hold that as a hopeful comforting thought.  After all, if the MSP and deep state in this case, can control the inflow of information to Trump, that colors the possible replies he would make.  That makes it much more important for us to have Trump’s information come from other sources.  Population wise, can you think what would be the common mindset if the only information available was what was presented by the MSP?  That’s why I am so comfortable with the blogs.


…that is, unless it is a Republican, Catholic, or Christian involved.  If I ever wanted to know all my history and family associations, I would simply run for office and let them do the work.  They would do that for me…

We stayed home last night and mominbox and spouseinbox decided to watch the show and fireworks display in D.C. that was playing on the television.  I decided to be sociable, and joined them, but it was a labor of love, not interest in the broadcast.  I actually went outside at one point and sat with the bugs and birds until I could talk myself back for the point of being social with family.  The thing that irritated was the repeated phrase of “social justice.”  For the bit I watched, it was repeated 2 – 3 times.  I decided what we had was pure propaganda at work, and didn’t want to be part.  Let’s define “social justice” right now.  That is the partial application of law to a group depending upon their identification.  Consider law applied to Catholics as opposed to homosexuals.  One comment down the post noted that if the Catholics were the ones dousing the homosexuals, there would have been handcuffs.  Here is the perfect example of “social justice”.  The archbishop is obeying the law and gets attacked by those against whom there will be no charges.  (if you can find where charges were filed, by all means, leave the link in comments)  I was sitting there watching Old Blue Eyes being presented as an advocate of this kind of “justice.”  That would not have happened.  He did assist B.B. King according to this article, but was in accord with the law, not advocating exemption by association with some group.  Here is another article on the subject.

Siblinginbox brought my attention to this video.  I noted it interesting that the “reporter” kept asking the same question.  Constantly, Repeatedly, Over. And. Over.  And. Over.  And. Over.  Let’s call them what they really are: democrat operatives with a publishing outlet.  Their only purpose is to get the appropriate sound bite to sink the election chances of Ted Cruise.  Now to my observation, when Ted Cruise asked if they hated Christians, there was no response.  I didn’t even notice a clearing of the throat.  This is just another one of the reasons I don’t trust a thing coming from the MSP any farther than I can throw this building.  (For those new to my abbreviation, MSP is the Main Stream Propagandists.)  I liked the reference he gave towards the end of the clip – California voted to define marriage appropriately, and a homosexual judge overturned the votes of a population.  Since when was that action democratic?  Where is the voice of the majority of the population?  How come a tiny minority can command the MSP such that the majority of the population lose their voice?  We are in the silence when the question is asked by Ted Cruise.  We are the ones despised by the MSP.  You can guess how much news I watch.  That being the case, it’s quite a shock when I do see some as I am not accommodated to the daily treatment afforded Christians and conservatives by the MSP.  I’ll stop for now.

I have been slowly watching through the Harry Potter and the current one being watched is “Order of the Phoenix.”  I have not finished it, but am noting an interesting story line.  The powers that be are taking over the school and setting up training in such a way that the students are not able to fend off the “dark arts” if need be.  That training has been removed and replaced with rote study because passing a test is the purpose of school.  That concept struck me as written out of our real life schools.  The children are no longer receiving real history, rigors of geography, hand calculation of math, etc.  That which is not taught  or later learned is not available when needed.  The our children are being hobbled by the powers that be so that later they will not be able to face the dark forces coming.  In real life, these dark forces are totalitarianism, communism, evil (after all, it’s just his/her culture) islam which is an evil ideology, not religion – historically speaking, what was our first military hero doing?  He was fighting muslims.  That is not taught in school any more.  I learned it on my own.  When the forces gather to take control,  the war is begun, our population is not trained how to respond.  Our founders had Biblical principles to guide their decisions, and developed the most astounding political document this planet has ever seen.  I can’t see that feat ever repeated because of the lack of training given to our students.  Grrrrr.  Where I left off the story last night was Harry Potter taking it upon himself with a couple friends to train his fellow students from his own experience.  In real life, I see this as the blogs presenting reality in the midst of a propaganda sea provided by our MSP with the powers that be trying to place whatever placards they can to stop us – “net neutrality.”

In the e-mail I received the following:

This is describing abortion, but it could be stated about any other activity on the Left’s agenda.

“It’s another example of the escalation that is part of the leftist activist agenda. At first, it is claimed to be enough that something become legal. Next, it is demanded that it never be met with disapproval or criticism. The next step is the requirement that everyone celebrate it.”

[From the comments]
Which is why I keep asserting that, in any socialistic system, eventually all thought, speech and behavior must be categorized as either forbidden or mandatory. Isn’t that at base, what political correctness amounts to? It must be so because socialism’s very survival is dependent upon it. All forms of rejection of reality, must eventually be imposed.

I have been slowly reading through “Breakthrough” by James O’Keefe.  On page 272 he has the following statement: “I began to understand that almost nothing scares the government-media complex more than the threat of an honest election.”  This is the same media wanting to have us believe that a picture of a cross in urine is acceptable art to be supported by tax money, but the name of a football team is offensive.  This is the crew telling us that the last years of Bush were the worst economy in the last 30 years and now that everything is circling the drain, we have been in how many summers of recovery?  When the biggest threat to the media, government, or school is truth, it’s time to get your information elsewhere.  To be honest, I wanted to stop with that last sentence, but to circle back to the e-mail, do you remember in Orwell’s book “1984” the name of the torture center established to brainwash those who didn’t follow the party line?  I feel it safe to assume the opposite, or apply to the speaker the characteristics that the left throws around as well as consider the opposite of the names they apply to certain agencies.  As example, how secure has the National Security Agency made us?  What is the skin color of the real racists in a Sharpton rally?  One can easily dogpile on these.

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