Spouseinbox and I went from Bugberg to Big City, Texas over the weekend.  The purpose was to lead the singing for service Sunday.  It was to be a quick trip with only a single over night and as such we would only leave mominbox with the animals for a day.  We fed all we could prior to leaving and promised to feed them on return as well to keep things as easy as possible.  Big City, Texas was a few hours away and we enjoyed the trip there taking a side route to see if there were still wildflowers showing in the hills.  There were still a few, but it was too late in the season for the brilliant set that viewers get earlier.  The trip there was uneventful and quite pleasant.  We also had the pleasure of meeting a couple of friends who were driving up from the Mexican border.  They had some interesting observations about the patrols and passports.  It seems that those with an American passport get grilled about what was seen, done, who met, where going, etc and those with a green card got a glance and pass through.  Interesting.  Anyways, we had rain there in spots and decided to go to a fish restaurant for supper.  It was pretty good and we spent time chatting before going back to their room for the night.  This time, the trip was more eventful.  The rain was hard enough it was difficult to see the road.  The wind was blowing as well and 45 to 50 was fast on the freeway.  Low water crossings were blockaded though we didn’t see any on this particular trip.  We did return in the morning to another exit beyond the one used this night and observed a road flooded pouring into the field, now small lake.  Anyways, back to the trip.  Friends were delivered to their room, and we went back into the weather to get to our hotel which was about 20 miles away.  The driving was the same as previous, or worse.  Lightening made a display dwarfing any Fourth of July presentation.  Wiper blades were doing their valiant effort to provide visualization, but to little avail.  It is moments like this which make shelter such a sweet phenomenon.  One really appreciates being under a roof when the sky is literally falling.  Some violate common sense to seek that shelter and do so with the ultimate consequences.  We went to the church the following morning and were observers of the fact that no one is an island.  Everyone has impact on others, either directly, or indirectly and we were privy to the story unfolding as phones buzzed and rang around the table.  There was a senior who heard her father deliver the baccalaureate speech the previous Sunday containing the point that one must put God first as one doesn’t know the time of life.  This senior was returning home from prom, went into one of these low water crossings, and got swept away.  This senior called 911 first, then the parent, and was speaking with the parent when the car flipped and the parent was speaking with this senior as the drowning occurred.  I had to pause in the recounting of the incident while typing it.  You can imagine being there.  We felt the impact of this incident in our emotions and besides the immediate family, it touched the churches in the area and ourselves as associates who was visiting and now distant readers of a blog reading anywhere in the world.

Life is precious, and when one is removed it is natural to seek meaning in doing so.  On this weekend, the focus was on remembering those who gave theirs for this country and one picture I found on the net described it well.  There was a scene of a lady laying prostrate in front of a tombstone and the title, “a reminder in case you thought this was national barbecue day.”  We have been afforded a most wonderful nation which has been slowly removed from the moorings which were originally placed.  There is a passage in Romans 10 which goes like this:

14How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”g

In our country, I apply this verse as follows.  How can one remember if one has never been taught?  How can our newest generation appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women if they have never been told what happened?  With the lack of knowledge, the day truly becomes national barbecue day, with a parade on the side.

I, for one, had a parent in the Korean war and knew a set of stories of what the military had to do from father’s perspective.  I was also married to a veteran – now the ex, so had personal experience within the military community.  They are a fine community, dealing with horrific situations on a daily basis.  I’m so tempted to wax political for the moment, but will stop and note that we are blessed with the heritage that actually existed.

I used to be a soldier’s spouse.  I have experience in the military as an associate, but enough to have a feel for the character they present.  I also have enough experience to realize why this administration loathes the military.  They are an institution representing the best America has to offer in the federal level.  They are the presentation of force to the world and expression of our society.  While I was associated with them, there was grace said before meals.  There were toasts to the country, service, and women.  (Remember that women fighting is a recent change, and really placed there as a detriment to the ranks)  The presentation was always with precision, planning, and training.  These were the ones providing their best to the country and asking little in return.  We saw “When the Game Stands Tall” a few weeks back, and I so appreciated the scene with the veterans.  That described the feeling of the troops.  They were there for each other.  That is the reason adding homosexuals and females in the ranks was desired by the present regime.  Placing those elements adds elements to the interactions causing the unit to be less effective.  If there was not a problem adding those elements, why was training provided on how to interact?  I have long argued that men will not behave towards women as they do to each other.  Period.  Full stop.  That is why women have no business being in fighting forces.  The same applied to homosexuals.  Their presence adds elements of distraction to the unit reducing their effectiveness.  How could I say that from outside a unit?  I have been in a nursing unit with a proud open homosexual.  He was fine as a nurse, but definitely added distraction to the unit.  Remember, that in a nursing crew, we get to leave after 8-12 hours and don’t see our fellows until the next day.  The military unit doesn’t have that space.  Personally, I think that is exactly the reason they were placed there by our present regime.  There are other reasons, but I won’t elaborate further.  I just was reminded of our great forces with a video link from an acquaintance at church:

This is what the left despises.  This is the depiction of our pride and why we stand tall and salute.  These are the ones providing the payment for freedom.  It isn’t free.

I wonder how many of these get returned back to you

– the Barbary wars

– what our first decorated Marine was doing to become decorated

– what led to this battle

– the attack on the Jewish athletes in ’72

– the Kobar towers

– the Cole

– the bombing of the twin towers in ’93

– 9/11

– beheadings almost without count

– dragging contractors through the town and hanging them from a bridge

– how much respect muslims provide anyone but their own tribe

– the goal of islam is world domination by whatever means needed

– the methods of domination are terror, subjugation, slavery, and death

– these people call us “The great Satan”

– islam follows allah who states of himself that he is the greatest liar

– that means these terrorists, murderers, and rapists are following a liar

– that muslims attacking us is not an accident, or single actors playing roles, but the design of the entire philosophy

– we have brave service members all over the world risking their lives to protect us from these murderers

– our service members deserve better than having their hands tied by bureaucrats and politicians trying to play politics on the battlefield with their lives

I honor our service members, both past and present, and thank you for your dedication and sacrifices to allow this country to be, in the midst of the world composed of tyrants and autocrats.

Read the whole story.

I wrote a song many moons ago to describe the thought of freedom.

This morn I walked out on my porch to view the new sunrise
It’s rays cut through the mist of night and brightened up the skies.
The coffee smell began to drift out through the door to me.
My breakfast done, I thank my God for letting this day be.
If one would ask what freedom means, I think of my new day
morning time with breakfast coffee, liberty to pray.

I change my clothes, fight traffic jams and start my new work day
My boss wants things I do not like, but do them any way
My check comes in and puts to mind the reason for this chore
I pay my bills take wife and kids out to a sandy shore
If one would ask what freedom means, I think of my employ
The privilege that I have to work, and family times enjoy.

I get back home and settle down to read a brilliant book
it tells of those who gave their all to let this country be
the wars and fights the battles won, negotiations too
It told of warriors on the land, in air, and on the sea.
If one would ask what freedom means, I think of those who fought
what we have now is due to them the country we have wrought.
Let’s thank the fighting force today descendants of the ones
who gave their all, that may live, this is what freedom means.

I have been looking here and been rather disgusted at what our tax dollars in the form of congress critter bills are doing. Can we all agree on a simple premise – men and women are different? I know that is quite a radical idea for some academics, but yes, we are different. It’s more than just certain bumps in certain places. Mental processing, conceptual applications are all different by sex. Period. My developmental psychology instructor told us that the only difference between boys and girls was the way we acculture them. She didn’t have any kids. I had 3 under the age of 7 at that time. The boy played with Barbie dolls too. He placed one on the floor and hit it with another one. We did not teach him to do that. I go through this ritual to illustrate that there is a difference. Body size is also noted, and ignored by those who want to destroy our military with inclusion of females in combat forces. Yes, let’s put normally weaker individuals in conjunction with large guys and expect them to perform the same. Hello?! Is there anyone with sense out there? Sorry, bad question. Let’s put highly active hormone individuals in close proximity and expect them to ignore nature and only fulfill their military role. Hello?! Is there anyone with sense out there? I know, repetitive, but the only reason for this bit of insanity is to destroy the mission our military has. It will insure that the cohesiveness of the unit required for effective combat is disrupted. This action is by one who doesn’t have a clue the true purpose of the military, or the path to get there. Does anyone interested in this legislation deserve another term to push its passage, or reward for proposing it?

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