We had kidinbox over for the weekend.  The request was to see Jumanji.  I am leery of sequels.  There are very few I like.  I also note, Walt Disney corp used to be a family friendly organization and one could trust the content.  Now the corporation is the exact opposite.  Let me describe the good of the movie first.  The story was similar to the former with a time lapse character and the bulk of the play being persons lost in the game.  The characters in the game were humorous and contrasted with the teenage characters from the start of the movie.  Comments related to the contrast between the original characters and the game characters kept chuckles going for a period of time.

The contrast is now taken to a new extreme when you have a teenage girl supposedly existing in the body of a middle age overweight man.  This concept is taken to a new level of penis humor I have never seen in a movie.  Yes, the jokes about the man’s appendage are thick in the middle of the flick.  “And remember to aim,” was repeated several times as the characters were instructing the middle aged man how to perform with the new appendage.

Not to be left out of the mix, Disney introduces a homosexual kissing into this with the cover of CPR.  There was no actual CPR going on as all the presentation of that cover was absolutely incorrect.  Completely.  Disney is pushing an agenda.


I have long preferred old movies.  To me, they are just better.  My favorite is Marnie from 1964.  It is such a good movie – of course I’m a psych major and you spend most of the movie asking, “What is wrong with her?”  I guess that may be my bend in preference.  Anyways, I found an move critique which stated a similar feeling:

Picture quality is an issue when watch old B&W on our modern high def. equipment but I really don’t mind it’s the story and content that I love so much about this movie.

The old film makers didn’t have sophisticated equipment and graphics, so they made use of what they had – story and character.  I think that’s what makes them better.

When you have this, and this how can one not view you as a sex object?  As much as the breasts have been associated with sex, they are actually production factories for the nourishment of the babies.  The vagina, however, is the domain of sex and the passageway for the baby resulting therefrom.  I wonder how many of these females dressing in this manner, would also yell about being viewed as a sex object.  Sorry, my little snowflake, we are just noting how you want to present yourself.  As much as the 50’s have been denigrated, the women then dressed in a feminine fashion, without the sexualization popular today.  As an easy example, how many snowflakes of character played beside the Duke?  Of all the movies I have watched, I can’t think of one.  Every one of them showed strong character, and very female.  For a reminder, watch True Grit.  Oh for the good old days.  At least we have some movies for the memory stimulation.  The young females growing up today have very poor examples of behavior to emulate.

I have been informed that today was Star Wars day, and if you haven’t yet heard a couple of times, “May the fourth be with you.”  OK.  That’s done.  We actually decided to take it a bit easier this evening, worked on music and then looked for the namesake of today’s greeting.  It wasn’t in our DVD library.  Oh well.  We stayed in outer-space with Blakes 7.

From here:

“Intellectualism is intelligence that has been left in the back of the fridge for seven months”.

I like his observation of presentation of kids and their abilities.  Bill W. then took the turn towards thought and I am noting the age presented was when boys were removed from real men and taught fear, not bravery. As an aside, I also remember G. Gordon Liddy mentioning taking guns to school.  They would place them on top of the coat rack and after school, go shooting.  This was a time when this country had development of real men.  Every one of them understood what their rifle was to do.  Knowledge was not the issue.  Character was.  It still is.

I wonder if there is an innate desire for the presence of men, and that is the reason there are still “God bless John Wayne” bumper stickers.  Have there been any real men presented to this population since Mr. Wayne left us?  I just have memories of the intellectuals and the advance of women and degradation of men to the point that the male has to receive approval from the female before whatever act is approved.

Recently, I have noted the father’s day cards and their quiet barbs at the men.  Take a moment and look.  Reverse sex roles and see if you would even consider saying to your mother that she spends all day on the couch – for example.

The father of Lost in Space was a real man: appropriately emotional, thoughtful, responsible, guiding.  I’m tempted to find the original series just to watch this presentation.

There is a psychological disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is caused by some traumatic event and creates disturbing thoughts, feelings, impressions, and reactions of unknown origin. The most dramatic representation of this is the reliving of the event, which utilized in movies is actually the least of the instances of this disorder. (I had a college professor who did a dissertation on treatment of individuals having PTSD, of course, had marked opinions about the best approach.) The origin of this is usually well known as it is associated with a particular time and place, even when the representations are diffuse. Tthe point on which I want to rest is that once the event occurs, life has changed.

There are certain experiences which, once had, render the individual unable to occupy the position of ignorance or the ability to return to the state of mind prior to that event. Loss of limb, 18-wheeler run over your car, laughing child try to stop you from breathing, each of these renders the person different and forces a new approach in life. For those looking on, individuals show good adaptation, poor acceptance, or maybe adoption of addictive habits as a means of “dealing with” the uncontrollable situation. I have many times heard admiration expressed for children who have coped with debilitating diseases with courage and hope for whatever may come next. They have known little else, and why not hope? That is what they’re told is the purpose of all the treatments and procedures they endure.

There are individuals who are in the latter group, ignorant of “normal” life and participating in what they have been told is natural. Women. Here is a group who have been instructed that the men in their lives are lazy, incompetent, similar to children, sex-crazed, unreliable, and sadly some have real life experience to substantiate those impressions. For them, a wonderful relationship with a spouse is already in doubt as their starting point has been bathed in negatives by this culture. I have an appreciation for shows from the ’50’s. Then, the man had some wisdom and was responsible for his house. I haven’t heard or seen of any show recently showing something similar. Is there any place where this woman may experience a decent relationship of respect and love going between a man and woman? In all their interactions, there is an unspoken, unseen background feeling that something may go wrong, be incorrect, have to be fixed, not be finished, as that is the starting point reinforced with each sit-com, movie, and broadcast. Incidents occurring in normal interactions may provide the points of time that substantiate the background impressions.

Let’s consider the men for a moment. How would any of you like growing up being told that because of the fact that you are male – a trait which was completely out of the individual’s control, you are lazy, incompetent, similar to children, sex-crazed, unreliable, and considered a child abuser. On that last point, I was in a meeting at a church when the insurance company’s edicts were read and noted one: a man was not allowed in the nursery, because of child abuse. He may change his own child’s diaper and was required to leave the area. The single trait over which he had no control labeled him a “child abuser” with no evidence whatsoever.

How are one’s behaviors affected by those impressions? Better, how much better would one’s interactions be if there were not the background impression that the male is going to be a disappointment? How much better would be the interaction if Ephesians 5:33 were followed: However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

This is one reason I have avoided television and am watching fewer and fewer movies. I can tell you from experience that now when I see one, the presentations are so much more acute it substantiates my desire to see less. That is my approach to this situation.

We finally took an evening to sit through a movie. I can admit not having a desire to indulge with the liberal messaging noted, but this one was enjoyably pleasant. There was an orphan boy trained in clock work, who gets a mechanical doll to run again. This reveals character in another older adult as the story progresses. I’m not spoiling it in case you want to enjoy this piece. It was worth the time.

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