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Spouseinbox and I were driving in Big City, Tx for a doctor’s appointment recently.  Spouseinbox noted the graffiti and mused what they were doing with such actions.  I stated the first thing which popped out of my dendrites.  It was my understanding that graffiti was the mark of a gang and as such they were showing their territory.  It is like the male cats traveling around their area marking their turf.  I guess it could be called visual cat pee.


I also like the slow motion portion where you can see the effect of applied pressure on the leg.

from here: https://gfycat.com/sparklingofficialaustraliancattledog

The longer I am on this circumnavigational sphere, the more I realize that problems are a part of everyone’s life.  I previously mentioned the new finding of cancer in our household and shared that with the Kairos group this weekend.  When split in to prayer groups, represented in our group was cancer, loss of a family member, and horrible problems at work – interpersonal and spilling into family life.  It struck me that as problematic as our particular issue may be, we are no different from someone else – only differences in form.  That being stated, there is only one answer for everyone’s issues – God.

That odd moment when one gets into the bathroom without being accompanied by one to three cats.  Additional point for getting the door shut before one arrives…

I note that there is no definitive answer, but there are interesting research moments pending.

I’m reminded of my biochem class where the doctor stated he knew of a research where they took an African who had known lack of lactase and provided one cup of milk.  That meant the bacteria in the fellow’s gut would start working.  The researchers then collected and divided by type the gasses eminating from this volunteer.  After the description, the prof says to the class, “See what you get to do if you become a biochemist?”  He then pretended to be the count from Sesame Street and count the….

The reactions here are priceless.  I can’t imagine being without a portion of sight. The closest I can come is walking through a dark room at night.  The idea of being able to discern colors again is incredible.  There is a similar revelation is for those who hear for the first time.  This technology is a gift of incredible value.

I have woken up this morning a little on the sore side.  Nothing out of the ordinary, mind you.  After all, we had quite a day yesterday.  Between the two of us: ran through laundry including stripping and remaking the bed, made breakfast, remade the bed, put 10 pounds of chicken in oven to slow cook,  go to ladies’ meeting at church, shop for Valentine’s items, finish digging holes for base of water tank, cut reinforcing bar and then pour concrete, go to kidinbox’s house to see their progress on pulling the tub and digging out the sewer line (our plan is to finish pulling out the tub today), marinate chicken legs (another set) in balsamic vinegarette dressing for the grill, make pasta salad to go with the chicken, cook on the grill, remove chicken from the baked quarters until it was just meat, place back on pan with a general spice application and place back in the 200 degree oven for 2 more hours then divide up into three meal-sized bags, look up pruning on the web in anticipation of working on the 4 fruit trees.  I have a wonder occasionally how people have time to watch TV.  Oh, I just remembered – ran through the general number on taxes and printed out the forms from IRS website to see how much the leaches are taking out of us this year.  It wasn’t as much as last year, so yea.  In other words, they already sucked out of our checks and this bill is smaller.  That’s how my day went yesterday.

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