You used to have to know the weezle words and double intandras that were used to hide true intentions.  Apparently, that’s not needed any more.


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Notice that, of the seven issues highlighted, six of them revolve around sex.  This is no surprise in a culture obsessed with sex.  As John MacArthur noted several years ago, the war that is raging between the City of God, or biblical Christianity, and the City of Man, or the satanic world system, surrounds one single area: sex.

As our culture continues its descent into more and greater immorality, perhaps the best question to ask is “How long?”  How long until families led by fathers and mothers are the minority?  How long until it is no longer legal to speak or write the truth, as revealed by God, on sexual issues?  How long before America wakes up?  How long before we are past the point of no return in this moral collapse?

The players here are noted to be the Democrat party and the media.  I would toss in the schools as that is the arena where instruction of sex has blossomed in recent decades.  (I could have picked more picturesque terms, but decided not to go there.)  Recommendation: if you have kids in public school, get them out.  It is not education they are receiving there.  As Thomas Sowell noted: instruction of sex would only take a class or two.  The only reason to instruct on it for multiple years is to alter the teaching received at home.  (I tried, but  could not find the reference.  I believe It was TS who said it.)

Over the last three days, we have placed about 850 miles on the car. Logged about 13 hours driving, and attended two graduations. The first was about 4 hours long, and the second about 2 hours. We still have 3 more hours driving tomorrow before this saga comes to an end. While sitting there waiting on names to be called, I had several diverse thoughts on graduation:
1.) The university is a business
2.) It derives its money from students who have yet to maintain a good work record
3.) It promises these young people better paying jobs for their attendance
4.) Does our economy support that supposition?
5.) I remember reading in a blog somewhere that the premise that one can go to school and eventually teach in such an institution has a flaw – at some point the students are required to obtain employment outside of school. Their education, therefore, has to have some real life application.
6.) It’s interesting to compare the amount of time spent studying, reading, note taking, testing to the amount of time to which that is converted: So in So, Master of Arts. That took about 2 seconds.
7.) Is the graduation of real importance, or is it a moment of narcissism where each individual gets their 2 seconds to say, “look at me.”
8.) Even with the uniform dress with limited accessories, graduates found a way to decorate their mortar boards in an individualistic fashion.
9.) I do remember a little bit from my graduation ceremony, umpteen years ago: the eagle and the vulture. Are you going to hunt your prey, or get it after it’s dead. I liked that illustration. Can anyone else remember anything of theirs? (I have had three, and that’s all I remember from the lot of them)
10.) If I returned to class, what would I take? I’m old enough now to realize that choices need to be made – there are things that won’t be learned. Period. I have to choose what I want to learn, and more importantly to me, will that knowledge have value in the market place?
11.) I wonder how many of the grads considered the value of their diploma in the market place before finishing that particular major?
12.) For those faculty who have multiple graduations to attend, they must have considerable constitutions. You can add your own details to that thought.

This post including the comments has an interesting discussion of thinking.  Personally, I like the acknowledgement that thinking isn’t parroting back what the professor wants to hear.   This sounds similar to a book I had started and can’t remember the name of at the present time.  The idea presented was Pavlov’s dog applied to college.  State that Jefferson was a slave owner.  Check.  You passed your class.  State that Washington was a deist.  Check.  You passed that class.  Critical analysis of why those two presidents maintained their slaves and reasons that they could not free them related to laws of the states at that time never enters the discussion.  In truth, I only learned it by reading this past year.  In all my years of school the subject was never even hinted at, let alone discussed, leading to a truth of school and governmental licensing: they both exist to ensure the graduates and grantees have a lack of certain knowledge.  Let alone, individuals may learn “facts” that are inconvenient to the power brokers.  Let alone, individuals may learn to apply their knowledge in a manner inconsistent with the political elite.

I found another post on Third World County interesting – specifically one sentence as follows:

“Simple, basic reasoning ability and the ability to read simple text and follow directions: that’s ALL the test measured.”

It seems to me that this sentence sums up education in the present time.  The purpose of the twelve years, besides retraining the kids to be against parental values, is to create a population incapable of thinking.  The impetus in its maintenance is the ability of government and business to predict outcomes and present material in such a fashion as to nearly guarantee the results desired.  I was a psychology major, and one tidbit of history we had to learn – Erickson had an affair and embarrassed the university at which he worked.  He was forced to resign his position and started working in the private sector – examining consumer purchasing behavior.  His research at that point was to discover what presentation  – colors, shapes, sizes produced the greatest increase in sales for his employer.  This is the same procedure done today, with an exponential increase in experimental data.  This is why the news is talking about the wonderful increase in jobs and decrease in the unemployment while ignoring the actual numbers.  Propaganda.  I saw an advertisement placing a baby carriage in front of a power plant spewing tons of “pollution” into the atmosphere while the narrator called for viewers to call and support increased regulations on emissions to spare little Bobo from an increase in asthma.  Except they don’t tell you that the plan is to put coal plants out of business in this country and increase our electricity cost accordingly.  Why do the individuals fall for this kind of propaganda?  This 10th grade test: “Simple, basic reasoning ability and the ability to read simple text and follow directions: that’s ALL the test measured.”  That is the level school is designed to get the population to operate.

I remember grade school where we were taught the melting pot – people from other cultures came here seeking a better life, and brought with them experiences and things that once shared could improve the nation as a whole. Everyone coming here was to desire being American and offer the best they had to improve our country. Over a few years, that instruction ceased and was replaced by multiculturalism. It was severely pushed in college where every culture was considered equivalent to every other – actual experience and observation were to be omitted at this point. I was contemplating this and it suddenly occurred that the one culture always excluded was American. Our culture was considered bad, flawed, in need of repair, etc. If every culture is equivalent, how can ours be lesser? Only in a political agenda that seeks our demise.

I am near the end of this compelling book and recommend all read a copy. It is by John Taylor Gatto and the following section is from pg 382:
School curricula are like unwholesome economies. They don’t deal in basic industries of mind, but instead try to be “popular,” dealing in the light stuff in an effort to hold down rebellion. That’s why we can’t read Pain’s Common Sense anymore, often can’t read at all. Only one person in every sixteen, I’m told reads more than one book a year after graduation form high school. kids and teachers live day by day. That’s all you can do when you have a runaway inflation of expectations fueled by false promissory notes on the future issued by teachers and television and other mythmakers in our culture. In the inflationary economy of mass schooling–with its “A’s” and ogld stars and handshakes and trophies tied to nothing real–you cease to plan. You’re just happy to make it to the weekend.”
I read this and thought of the popular culture songs like “it’s five o-clock somewhere” where the singer can only get through the day thinking about a drink at the end. Or how about “working for the weekend” which I have heard in many quarters. I was even at fault in an assembly job where I decided to ruin my fellow workers’ day and announced, “Only 92 hours until the weekend.” This was met with a “shut up,” and cold stare.
In that job, I never felt so much like a robot. The same body movements were required every minute for the entire day. No thought was required. In his book, John Gatto made the point that to get a population to accept this kind of mindless labor, they had to be trained at an early age and also trained in the rewards required of that force behavior. The gold stars (I received a couple of those paper rewards) all start in school.
I was looking over headlines and ran across the thought that Big Government is required by Big Business. Which seemed like a timely thing to read.
Further into the book on page 385:
“But here is a warning: should we ever agree to honor the singularity of children which forced schooling contravenes, if we ever agree to set the minds of children free, we should understand they would make a world that would create and re-create itself exponentially, a world complex beyond the power of any group of managers to manage. Such free beings would have too be self-managing. And the future would never again be easily predictable.”
This is the exact reason the elites in power presently desire no personal accountability and growth. One responsible for themselves is less likely to be lead as a dhminni or lower caste which our feds are in the process of establishing.

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