Spouseinbox and I went up to an adjacent city for a birthday celebration of one of our kidinbox.  We have over 5 kidinboxes, so I just use the name to provide them a little anonymity.  Anyways, spouseinbox made a cake for the occasion.  The making of this was a bit of a project as an appealing recipe was found and then during the making portion, could not be retrieved from the phone.  Therefore, the cake was actually completed from memory.  Pretty brave, if you ask me.  So anyways, spouseinbox completes the cake and starts to think back through the steps and potential steps and begins to comment on how the thing was probably messed up.  The sugar should not have been mixed in the cream cheese, etc.  This line of thinking was accented the following morning while traveling to the site of the birthday party.  The recipe was found and spouseinbox got to look through the actual instructions and compare that with what was done.

At the party, the cake was presented, and it was well received by all.  One younger kidinbox commented loudly to the crew that “it tasted good, even though you messed up.”  🙂


When you get professionals together, especially those of the artistic persuasion, the results could be interesting.

Why men need toolboxes

The dream master was singing a song.  I was shopping in a bigbox store, seeking some morsel on the top  shelf.  *knock, knock*  Wait a minute.  This is not dream material.  I crawl into low consciousness and answer the door.  Kidinbox is wanting help.  Interesting, as normally the sibling would be the waking kind and tell of a nightmare or wet bed.  Oh well, off we go.  I am led into the bedroom to take care of the resident arachnid.  Yes, somehow this child woke to find an inoffensive spider minding his own business in the corner.  He must have been trying to escape the heat.  After all, spouseinbox informed me that someone had noted a couple hobbits tossing a ring into his backyard.  They must have traveled from Minnesota or other such northern state.  Our doc, at work, is going on a fishing trip and telling us how the highs are going to be about 78, etc.  Ugh, the snot.  At least the doc has to return and go through the warming phase.  Back to the spider – I identified this to kidinbox as a garden spider and was informed that I must rid the bedroom of this pest.  Remember this is o-dark-thirty and I am just minutes from a mental shopping trip.  OK.  I go to the kitchen and find a square plastic storage container.  Square is important as that allows more of the container to be close to the wall when approaching the beast.  I will accept credit at that much mental acuity.  There was an old envelope on the counter being used for notes, but now requisitioned to slide along the wall once the arachnid was securely imprisoned in the plastic.  I approach the corner, place the container in proper orientation and wouldn’t you know that this sucker was an airborne ranger?  He was gone off that corner parachuting into the abyss of bed/toys/bedframe crack.  Crap.  Wait a minute.  There was no verbalization behind me.  I pull off the toys looking at each for this rogue foreign agent and do not find him.  About that time a sound is noted behind me.  Flushing.  Oh, cool.  Kidinbox wasn’t observing the interaction and the plastic prison was on top of the dresser out of direct eye contact.  OK.  Now all I have to do is play it cool and hope kidinbox doesn’t ask to see the prisoner.  Kidinbox returns to the room asks for a handhold while going  back to bed.  Yea!  I don’t give the slightest hint or suggestion towards the corner, toys, or plastic container.  Prayers said, handholding accomplished, and the mental shopping trip, or whatever else the subconscious wants to pursue is awaiting.  World, I will see you later.  As for the arachnid, I will see him later too.  This time with a much faster hand and done when fully conscious.  Cue Schwartzneggar, I’ll be back.

One task I have is to interview the new patient.  This is the most extensive questioning we do in the office.  The doctor wants a view of everything and as such we are going to probe about pretty much everything.  We have a list of symptoms, diagnoses and questions to complete.  In that list is a blank line to write the former surgeries.  The doctor wants this to be a complete list as well.  Our doctor has even gone as far as noting that the circumcision is a surgery most males forget.  He wants it listed.  I was interviewing a male and came to this blank line.  A few items were mentioned and then I noted that some males forget the circumcision (keeping the doc’s verbage).  This fellow replied that, yes, he had one and it was so rough he didn’t walk for a year.

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