One task I have is to interview the new patient.  This is the most extensive questioning we do in the office.  The doctor wants a view of everything and as such we are going to probe about pretty much everything.  We have a list of symptoms, diagnoses and questions to complete.  In that list is a blank line to write the former surgeries.  The doctor wants this to be a complete list as well.  Our doctor has even gone as far as noting that the circumcision is a surgery most males forget.  He wants it listed.  I was interviewing a male and came to this blank line.  A few items were mentioned and then I noted that some males forget the circumcision (keeping the doc’s verbage).  This fellow replied that, yes, he had one and it was so rough he didn’t walk for a year.


I had a moment at work the other day.  A coworker held up a water bottle and asked how old it was.  I replied it was about 3 billion years.  Also, since it is constantly recycled, consider how many dinosaurs through which it has been as well as how many people have previously drunk it.  My coworker decided to get another bottle…

See what happened.

I had heard the comparison of kidney stone to having a baby and asked a female one time who was in for a kidney stone treatment.  She confirmed what I had heard.  She would rather have another baby.

We are in the big city, Texas right now taking off the weekend. Actually, there is a little business associated with the trip. To hash a little history, we had two hail storms and the truck had mini moon craters across the hood. I called the insurance to verify if we had comprehensive and confirmed that we indeed did. The adjuster came out later, and adjusted us out of the truck. I can’t complain as what they offered for the truck was decent – really decent. We just didn’t have a truck. We started searching and I ran across one on ebay. Prayers were said and a tiny bit of bidding ensued. (I know this was covered in a previous post, but for those new to the saga I am reiterating) The truck was won and all that needed to happen now was to get it from the East coast to Texas. This was not a cut a dried procedure. I now have learned that the truckers take bids on which jobs they can combine for a particular trip. That means, no one was going to drive to Bugburg to bring us the truck. There was one who was going to take it from 40 miles away from its location to the big city, but we would have to rent a separate tow truck to move it from both locations. Don’t forget, that we would not be able to meet the truck as the trip was about 5 hours and we both work. Problem. Problem. Another bid came through saying they would pick up the truck from where it was to the big city, Texas. I said fine, but we can’t be there until Saturday because of the mileage. This time, the driver said he would drop off the truck in his yard and we could pick it up at our convenience. Sold. That driver got the job, and we planned the trip including a weekend in the big city – since we were going to be here.
We arrived at o-dark-thirty at a hotel obtained on Priceline. Now I don’t recommend this site when bidding on small town hotels, as I have discovered you can get a better deal from the hotel directly. Therefore, I do use their site to obtain hotel names and then compare from that point. When going to the big city, however, I have discovered that a decent low bid does produce results. We are now in a fancy hotel, right off the airport, with indoor pool and highway access, a suite including couches TV, and wet bar in the anteroom and TV chairs and desk in the bedroom for just over $50 a night. It was a good deal. So this time worked well. I was kind of sad that it was a 3 star hotel instead of 2 1/2 as the 2 1/2 star hotels include breakfast. Oh well, we’ll just have to consume our sorrows in the room we received. 🙂
The truck was situated where the driver indicated and not too far from the hotel we obtained. The clear coat was nearly nonexistent on the top, but it was expected for the year of the truck. The engine didn’t start immediately and we discovered that the ignition switch was in need of changing. It sometimes requires several twists before the starter engages. That can be fixed with an annoying change of the switch. Not too bad a problem as I can tell. There was a window sticker showing that the oil change had about 1500 miles on it, and I had already scheduled with a local transmission shop to have the fluids changed – all of them.
We went to the shop as I had informed the man there that it was new to us, and we had no history. The man at the shop asked me if the truck was driving all right. I informed him it was. He then said that the more honest shops will tell you that there is no need to change the fluid, and especially don’t do it before a long trip as the fluid has a high detergent value and a change has the potential of loosening the scraps and pieces that could cause the transmission to quit. Yes, if you want to change it that’s your business. Go ahead. Just change it when you are home, so the trip back won’t be so long. I took his advice and we left. Next was the tires. I had noticed the appearance in the rubber of a tire that had sat for a long period of time and felt that a new set at the start might save us problems. The tire place was happy to oblige and offered a $10 stem to stern inspection. We said do it, then went to the mall for the next couple of hours.
The new set of feet were applied and the truck is looking decent. It runs well, excepting the problem with the ignition switch which will be changed once we get home. The inspection revealed that the brake pads and shoes were new, and the only thing pending was the salt rust indigenous to the vehicles from that part of the country. All in all, it was a good purchase – and we did so for much less than, well… I will leave it at that hint.

There is an individual at church who has MS.  For this note, I’ll call this person Joe.  Joe has had this disorder for many years and is in such a  shape as requiring assistance for everything.  Part of the task performed was to take Joe to a relative who owned a restaurant for lunch.  I would have to feed him.  It was possible for Joe to wipe his mouth, but not much other due to the lack of muscle control.  Over the time period I worked with Joe and took him to church, I tried things to assist with this problem.  I went to a store, picked up a knife and spoon, and made a pvc mount on the handles of each.  This consisted of two pieces of tubing with the inside piece having an offset 90 degree with lead in the end.  I made a strap over the larger one which could slide over the hand meaning all Joe would have to do was move from the plate to the mouth.  The strap would hold the utensil on the hand, and the lead weight would keep the spoon or fork level.  Joe tried to use the utensils, and that’s when I realized the difference between usage of the gross and fine motor muscles.  The movement was performed in a fair manner until the utensil was near the mouth, then shaking would begin which would drop everything on the utensil.  Scrap the utensils.

There was Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I sought donations to purchase, borrowed a large screen TV and held it up for Joe to see.  That’s when I discovered the largest writing I could produce on a large television was barely readable.  The voice production was such that the naturally speaking product was unable to decipher what words were desired.  I donated this to someone else.

While describing these attempts and feeling down about the failures to another individual at church, I received a phrase which has stuck with me since: “you don’t have to succeed to have shown love.”

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