There is a reason I don’t answer questions from the census beyond the number of people in the house.  The more information an entity has, the better placed they are to elicit stimuli of control.  That is not conjecture, that is fact and utilized by parents constantly.  Consider telling your kids to do “x” and you go into the next room and listen.  The sounds heard allow the appropriate “reminder” at which point the kids believe you have eyes floating in the room.  It’s just you know their behavior and when to respond in such a fashion.  Allowing a governmental or business entity personal information is allowing similar treatment from them.

I say it’s time to stop using anything Google.  Find an alternative.  I know they’re easy to utilize.  That’s the hook.  When you go fishing, you provide the bait to catch whatever decides to grab the hook.  Stop grabbing their hook.

I work with diabetics providing testing and insulin as needed. One patient had a new glucometer which included a voice. The meter was rather polite. It said hello, the strip was placed in the unit, instructed to add blood, and reported the result. All this was reasonable, especially for those with poor eyesight. The intriguing part was the moment when the strip was removed from the machine to be disposed. The machine, at this point, would wish the user a “nice day.” That is a nice sentiment, but received from a machine programmed to say the same thing at the point of stimulus made me think how hollow the sentiment actually was – in that context. Receiving that sentiment from a person would be much more pleasurable as the person could choose how to address the ending of the contact and thus provide an individual thought for the situation. The repeated phrase would still have some additional value as the provider has the option of choosing which sentiment to say. The machine has no choice and as such becomes a vehicle for a more empty feeling set of sounds.
BTW, I received a call from a car company from which I had purchased a tire. It was a computer asking for an analysis of my experience there. I hung up as the usage of the computer shows they really didn’t want to know. Maybe I could set up my cell phone to call in a reply to their computer…that’s an interesting thought.

There is only one possible way to make molecules inhabit the same space. That is fusion. The nuclei of both atoms are forced together and a new element forms. The resulting expression of energy is rather destructive to the surrounding area, but I note this as the only manner of atoms occupying the same space. That said, to the driver on the access road, please note that when the road comes up to an intersection having a sign declaring YIELD, I may follow the rules of the road and YIELD to the traffic having the right-of-way. I know that might be an odd concept, but consider that when I YIELD, you cannot occupy the same space as me unless fusion takes place. Since it didn’t, I was left with the decision to move out of traffic and examine the result of our lack of fusion – the new scratches in the paint of the bumper. It is also bad form to pull over like you are being honorable and when I exit the vehicle, drive away. I can only wonder if karma does exist. Consider that next time you approach the intersection with a YIELD sign present.

Many decades ago Many moons ago, my aunt’s church was beginning service.  This was done in the usual fashion as previous services had, with the exception that, (as the pastor later stated) the congregation seemed worshipful that morning.  The usual hum of chatter emanating from the pews seemed subdued and the greater portion of the congregation appeared bowed in a prayer position.  There had been no announcements, no incidents to stimulate such a somber mood, and yet this congregation of 150 members all seemed to be in one accord in their worship and apparent prayer.  The pastor approached the lectern and cheerfully announced the start of the service.  I’m sure a camera was desired at this point as 150 congregants sat upright each wearing a pair of slinky glasses.

I have mentioned many times the MSP and generally referred to the news media that is particularly socialist in their approach.  Remember the reports on the economy 4 years ago?  With unemployment at about 4%?  Compare that to the present reports of the economy with unemployment officially at about 8.5%, but only because of fuzzy math and elimination of jobs to reduce the percentage.  I have been instructed how much more widespread this phenomenon is.  There is a book out there be Ben Shapiro containing the following gem: “I asked Goldberg why there didn’t seem to be any real debate about politics on television anymore – why everyone simply assumed that the far-left position was correct, and that the only real question was whether that position was practical… But if we’ve begun to move beyond such debates, it’s due in large part to the success of writers like Goldberg, who have made the leftist position so palatable to a broad swath of Americans simply by presenting likable characters who promote liberal politics as tautologies.”      (pg 129)

It now makes more sense why so many shows didn’t appeal to my sensibilities.

Good afternoon from my music room. My smile was present as I finished number 8 yesterday morning and as such decided there was no excuse not assist spouseinbox with cleaning the house – getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have previously holed up for hours at a time working on a particular melody, having this done early was a treat. Anyways, there was a thought that has been churning in the back of my mind the past couple of weeks concerning Obammaville. Pres 0 was a disciple of Alinsky and I note the dedication of his book from here: Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

I find this an interesting and perfect dedication with acknowledgment of the results of their actions. Note the term “at least” which gives a little wiggle room in the idea because if we examine the place that satan won, I would not use the term “kingdom.” It is described as a place of darkness, loneliness, fire, torture, and the ability to see those better situated. I wanted to note that on all of those save the last, the end result of communism provides. Let’s see, there is Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Se Tung, and each has an impressive set of negatives. After 100 million dead, what’s wrong with communism? Let’s try it again. Reader’s Digest had an article in the 80’s titled “Why Russia can’t feed itself.” In that article was the results of central planning with a top-heavy bureaucracy. No incentive, drunkenness, and starvation. Wow!  What a society!  Sign me up!

That’s exactly the goal of Obammaville. They are doing what the Tea Party did not do and every MSP outlet tried to convince the nation they were doing –  breaking the law protesting.  Back to the link: “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10

Some political paradise: rape, murder, sleep in tents with multiple individuals for safety, no sanitation, no cleanliness, and the mistaken belief that all that is better than the country in which we have lived. I like the country of my birth and if anyone wants, they are free to leave. There are many islamic paradises out there where women are treated close to cattle, children are offered to allah as a gift when they are coerced into strapping on a suicide bomb and screaming alla ackbar. Quite a paradise. If that’s your thing, there are several countries allowing that activity. Go there and leave us alone, thank you very much.  It may seem like a non-sequitur to go from Obammaville protesters to islam, but I see them as the same philosophy with islam having a whitewash of religion to make it more palatable.

This leads me to a point I did not see in the linked page.  Lies.  The entire premise of Communism is based on lies, and its promotional book dedicated to the prince of lies.  Quite appropriate.  I see the lies in two fashions: initially the individuals have to lie to themselves, next they have to lie to everyone else.  The self lies have to be present as any honest assessment of the effects of communism acknowledges total failure.  The only manner one can approach this with hope is to lie about the consequences.  As noted in the link, the individual desires the outcome such that “The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. … The real arena is corrupt and bloody.” p.24

Corrupt and bloody.  How about 100 million people dead?  Is that bloody enough?   And yet only Hitler gets any grief for his 6 million, and the premise of communism is still presented as good.  So 94 million are ignored and the MSP marches on presenting this philosophy as ideal.  Remember the 2008 election where we were repeatedly informed this was the worst economy in 30 years?  How about now when we are constantly being told how things are improving?  That is simply lying to the population with the goal of getting to the goal of a socialized society.

Obammaville presents these failings for all to see.  Will we as a population see accurately?   Will rule of law be established again?  Time will tell.

I had to stop earlier in the weekend before linking the thought I was having to the wider implications I have noted. Consider the timeframe mentioned. Early 70’s. That is when the halloween candy went from neighbor’s cookies and popcorn balls to prepackaged items that could be scanned – which was offered later. This was also the timeframe for the cyanide in the Tylenol bottle allowing us the privilege of opening several layers of packaging now to get to the pills. This was the time of Vietnam protests, the initial push of feminism, the legalization of killing babies and I note that with the “sexual revolution” and advancement of “women’s rights”, the safety and freedom of children was lost.
How many parents now can say without a second thought, “go and play and come back when I ring the bell”?
How many kids can fight in the back of the car knowing there would be a few minutes before home to try and talk parents out of the consequence? We have a generation who will never know how to judge risk, not be able to internalize the action with the potential consequence since the consequences have been blunted or removed. I can still remember kidinbox’s face the first time the bottom hit the floor without a diaper in place. The mix of shock, bewilderment, pain, and disbelief were palpable in a two-year old equivalent of the rioting spoiled residents of Greece. All the other times the kid’s bottom hit the floor, there was padding to minimize the blow. Once removed, the action occurred with unexpected results – results closer to reality which weren’t pleasant. The child learned quickly that plopping on the floor was an activity to be avoided, and adjusted the sit-down procedure accordingly.
I am one to advocate removing the diaper the government has been trying to place on our society and allow those who want to plop the privilege of feeling the discomfort so that they won’t do it again. Skinned knees are a training ground as well. Stop removing real education.

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