Imagine using a printer to build a house.  The Jetson’s had fanciful building machines in the cartoon which would print out a skyscraper in lighting speed.  This unit is real and does the job on a small house in a day.  Interesting.  It appears like a robotic arm placing a concrete polymer in successive bands to form the structure into which are placed the insulation and then covered.  One thing I was missing was the application of the insulation into the walls beneath the windows.  Was that done prior to the application of the window base, or at the end with the application of the rest of the insulation.  Another thing I was missing was the wiring or tubes through which wire could be placed in the wall.  On the whole, impressive.

I didn’t watch the address, just heard a phrase or two while working around the house, so I will be looking for some comments.  This was the first.

How about absolutely no way, no how, not on your life……

I read an article by Dennis Prager and noted interesting analysis of the background for a second civil war.  Actually, this has been going on for some time and first manifested itself in a major way in the coverage of the Vietnam war.  (I will grant that themes were starting to change in the 60’s in popular television shows)  Consider the difference between the facts of the battle and Walter Cronkite’s presentation.  The media and education as well as entertainment have been the vehicles for changing society.

As for the need to battle, the problem with conservatives and those freedom loving Americans is that we are busy living our lives and not spending work time protesting this and that.  The concept that this is actually a war is not in the conservative psyche yet.  Once it is, though, I agree with the commenters that any hot war will be short lived.  That said, however, I don’t see much in the concept of replacement of those cultural forces causing the disruption (teachers, entertainers, news-crews).  That replacement and long-time training will be required to reset the culture to a more sustainable, conservative, freedom-loving, responsible-adult culture.  After all, kids have been taught for decades about the evils of the United States and taught to hate this country.  They are now adults acting out the training received.  Change won’t happen in a few years.  It will take a few decades. It also won’t happen until conservatives and freedom-loving Americans recognize the need to be in the battle.

Lastly, we will need a judiciary accepting the defense of our original institutions.  Many of the liberal infections in this country have come by way of the judiciary as regular legislation would not support such changes.  This includes all up to the Supreme Court which erroneously stated that the government could force an individual to purchase another individual’s product.  (Just as a quick example)

I have not heard of a previous application, so can’t say for certain that this was the first, but personally, this is the first time I have heard “hate crime” applied to those with high amounts of melanin.  It’s amazing what lengths were stomped to obtain this recognition.  Reading this report only takes a few minutes.  Picture the treatment done for 24 hours.  It’s horrific when you try to imagine what is read being done over a long period of time.  Now note that this is level reached to apply that term to other than the white folks.  Incredible, and not in the good sense.  I’m sort of thinking of Jesus looking over Jerusalem in amazement.  How does a culture move from a location such as this?

I’m kind of a law and order type.  I only have 4 relatives and possibly a 5th in police or jail operations.  One phrase repeated is, “You know, all that’s needed is to obey the law.”  There is a secondary to that though.  It needs to be applied to those who write it.  I think that’s the present fatal flaw.  I can’t see things getting any better until those who make the law and those who enforce the law are held to the same standard of the law.  Once that happens, it becomes apparent that the law is what matters, not that the government has the best enforcement mechanism.  This reduces the government from the largest gang to an entity that’s part of the country.  Conceptually, it seems like an easy idea, though in practice I can’t see an easy way to get it implemented.

Zero’s tally of stuff.  He had historical firsts.

I am wondering where this one will go.  Imagine a single department unilaterally declaring they are in charge of all the disparate local political interactions in the country.  How well received will this be?  Not at all, from this portion of the country.

No grey area here.


Today is the actual election day.  The electors will perform their much anticipated task demonstrating the wisdom of the founders in balancing power of the large vs small population states.  Whenever I hear the popular vote meme, it’s interesting how few to none of the times the philosophy of the electoral college is discussed.  Rhode Island, for example is the smallest state and didn’t want to be steam-rolled in any national election due to its size.  After all, any tiny state would have little to no authority in a system where the total votes of democracy rule.  In the practical sense, the small states could be ignored while the populated stated are courted in a  total democracy.  Look at New York in a county fashion to see this in practice.  There are enough voters in a small few counties on the East of New York to effectively null the votes of the remainder of the state.  Hillary won the state in the early 2000’s in the NYC and Albany, and ignored the rest of the state.  There were enough votes in NYC to all her to ignore the remainder of the state.  The electoral college prevents that kind of election from happening nationally.  The small states get a proportionally higher involvement compared to the larger states.  Our founder’s wisdom is shown again.

China has removed one of our unmanned subs from the ocean.  It will eventually be returned to us – in pieces after everything has been thoroughly scanned.  I have read on the implications in the area and technology theft possible and thoughts on the same.  There is a politically viable angle as well.  This move allows China to do two things at once – slap Zero in the face and test the metal of Donald Trump.  Slapping Zero is too easy.  He is a Marxist/muslim who hates this country and is happy to cooperate with United States defamation wherever it is initiated.  This was signaled by his bowing incidents on the initial apology tour of the world at the start of his pathetic eight years.  This has been repeated more times than I wish to remember as well.  That said, it may be more to test the reaction of President-elect Trump than anything else.  I remember the election of Ronald Reagan and the release of the hostages on that very night.  They were only released because they understood that Carter was a wimp and Reagan would kick them back to (pick your destination).  China knows Trump as the businessman/investor who has done business there for decades.  Now they have to deal with him from a military/national standpoint and need a reference point as to how he will react to their aggressiveness in the area.  Under Zero, they have expanded bases to the south and claimed formerly sea under either international waters or under claim by other nations.  Will Trump cause a problem?  is probably a good question for them to ask.  This incident may be providing the answer.

I played cook over the weekend.  We had visitors for whom I made doughnuts.  There was a can of raspberry filling available in the pantry, so I decided to utilize some and make filled doughnuts.  The result was rather tasty, though a bit large.  I will have to make smaller doughnuts next time.  There was quite an amount remaining from the can of filling, so I looked up a recipe for filled cookies and found a simple one consisting of 2 egg yokes, 12/ cup sugar, 3/4 cup butter and 1 3/4 cup flour.  I forget if there was a dash of salt.  Anyways, blend the first three, slowly add the flour, and place in the refrigerator until small balls can be formed.  Depress the center of the ball and bake at 375 degrees for 12 -15 minutes.  Place a dot of the fruit in the depression and they are done.  It has been tasty.  I still have a few left, and granted, it is tempting to grab one when walking by – it’s not too much, they are small…

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