It’s beyond me why someone would poke a hole in their nasal septum and place a silver ring there.  This places the appearance of a drip of silver hanging below the nose and above the upper lip.  The best term that comes to mind is silver snot.


There are shirts in the population having open shoulders.  A strap goes over the top and the sleeve picks up part way down the arm.  Considering that B12 injections are to be placed about an inch or so below the shoulder joint in the body of the deltoid, I have taken to calling them B12 shirts.  You don’t have to move the shirt to give the shot.

Siblinginbox sent a link which helped make sense of some behavior.  Let’s play a mental game.  Say you are at war and an enemy comes into your midst singing like a canary.  Now suppose that this same individual is related to a high official in the enemy’s military establishment.  What an incredible opportunity!  How about making propaganda tapes and use them against the enemy?  Further, let go this individual into government with the knowledge that his position is in constant threat of those tapes being revealed.  With those thoughts, watch this. https://youtu.be/4hr37eE0nO8

His presidential loss meant we were saved a president who could have been blackmailed by the Vietnamese….


has been expressed by our president in Poland.  Do we have the will to survive?  That is a very prescient question.  Are our values worth defending?  That is an associated thought.  This country was founded by patriots who thought a concept was more important than their lives.  They sacrificed to allow their progeny freedom and it’s flip side of the coin – responsibility to flourish here.  We should fight to maintain responsibility from those who would remove it in the government as freedom is also lost.

I guess life is just one little step after another.  That’s how it feels at times.  I have been after this project over a couple of weeks, and just have the unit assembled, mostly, and running.  What is this unit?  I have put together a sun powered water pump to run the irrigation in the garden. There is a 100 watt solar cell on the roof to power a battery and charging module which in turn provides power to the 12 volt water pump which has a pressure switch already installed.  That saved me another part.  Well, to keep the pump safe, a filter was needed.  I found one on line with a stainless steel filter allowing a long term usage of the part.  Next is the pump operating on 12 volts and having its own pressure switch to shut off about 50 psi.  When I first tried it, the pump was going on and off constantly as the garden is plumbed with drip tubing.  To keep the pump from continuously cycling, I added a pressure tank and a pressure regulator.  All these were mounted on a couple of legged stands and as I didn’t have enough hose to properly mount the filter, the assembled parts ended up looking like this:

sun powered pump

It’s not the neatest, but it does work, so I am pleased.  I still need to mount the solar cell and put the battery box in a more permanent position.  I’m thinking just under the eve where it will be out of the rain, but accessible.

Yesterday, mominbox’s phone rang.  I handed the unit to her and heard a couple of words seemingly like request for money.  Mominbox was trying to protest that she didn’t give donations on the phone and I put out my hand towards the phone.  Mominbox noted the gesture and said that the caller was to speak with me.  (Ahem…) Good evening, how can I help?  The female voice on the other end started reading the script of how the Republican National Committee was a big supporter of President Trump and they were wanting $100 donation to help with their efforts of outreach.  I reached into my hat and pulled out “abortion”.  “Umm, why should I send money to a group who takes my money and supports abortion?”  The caller tried to say there was a difference between the legislative efforts and their need to get my money to encourage younger voters to vote Republican.  I persisted.   You want me to support a group who has taken my money and given it to an agency known to murder babies and sell their body parts against the law.  The caller tried to finish reading her script in the middle of which I posited that this phone number was to be placed on the “do not call” list.  I got no assurance that would be done, but was smiling when the phone clicked.

Please join me.  Other issues I could have used would be immigration, TSA, Obammacare, horrific rules applied to military, lack of a budget, etc.  In other words, the field is wide open.

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