Victims of Muslim Violence

Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee, His Colleague Finds What’s Left Of Him

But I can’t.  Invite a wolf into a sheep pen, and the result is predetermined.

The refusal to answer a question, obfuscation of answer and hiding behind translation were points where I had enough.  Sean Hannity interviews these types and keeps an argument going, even when it is abundantly obvious there is no decent end in sight as the person in question has no desire for the truth.  If you don’t deal with truth, don’t waste my time.

The lady did make a good point.  Those muslims who are quiet just are the support for those who make the nightly news.  There is no difference in ideology, just levels of violence.  The illustration of chopsticks works here.  It takes both the stationary stick and the moving stick to be effective.  Either by itself, is not practical.

In the comments, it was noted that there were 231 million killed per Islam. (I am just taking the author’s word)  Add another 100 million per communism and compare that number to those killed in the black death.

For those who argue that muslims are just reacting, consider the comparison of the crusades to muslim incursions.

I have long described islam as an ideology with a white-wash of religion.   In its application there is deceit, lying as an art form, and attempts to use your neighbors, among other such enduring characteristics.   One article described them interacting among themselves as such:

A Muslim country with a terrorist problem points the terrorists to another country. That’s a major reason why Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are disaster areas. It’s also why our Gulf allies keep funding the terrorists attacking America. Not only is it the religiously devout thing to do and confers geopolitical advantages on them, but it’s also the international equivalent of dumping your toxic waste next door.

Islam as toxic waste.  I like that.  I know he is specifically describing the terrorists, but it is like eating with one chopstick – two are required.  One stays put and provides the stability for the moving one to do its work.  To only focus on the terrorists is to ignore the stability provided by their counterparts.  They are stable and not moving for a reason.  That faction provides not only plausible deniability to the nature of islam, but also provides material support for the actively destructive ones.

Let me see, we need to apologize and be contrite for taking terrorists, covering their face and pouring water on them for 40 seconds.  That is considered equivalent to our enemies who do the following:

waterboarding no longer bothers me

No, Zero, they are not our equivalent.  They are barbarians of the worst sort.  They are terrorists utilizing the worst form of gore and pain imaginable.  The phrase stuck in my mind was one of them saying; We “love death more than you love life”.  Their actions support that statement.

My view on Islam is that it is not so much a religion as a totalitarian political ideology with religious elements. I have called it a totalitarian ideology with a whitewash of religion. I believe that is why the leftists are so comfortable with it. One shark knows another. Of course, read the rest.

Where the West sees journalism as freedom, the enemy sees journalism as a weapon. Sometimes literally.

Read the rest.

On just the singular thought here, journalism is a weapon of mass mal-instruction, an excellent propaganda tool leaving the population without a good means of finding truth. That reason alone is the purpose for the government wanting to silence the internet.

I found this article which says very simply how the muslims plan to treat any others not like themselves. Any who ignore this plan to relive this in the United States as their plan is the same here. Actually, anywhere they have power.

“Once we take control we’re coming for you.”

That’s the message Christians in the Ivory Coast got from Muslims during a long-fought dispute over the nation’s presidency, an election late last year apparently won by a Christian candidate when the government found voter fraud in Muslim regions. But that result was overturned following intervention by the United Nations and the United States, who insisted that the Muslim candidate be given the office.

Which puts Muslims now in “control.”

Of course, read the rest.

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