I don’t believe there is any coincidence with these people.  I’m betting they even filed for insurance coverage for the damage.  That being said, what was presented only made a single time-line assertion.  I’m wondering if there are any other investigations for which this response could have been associated.  I would be happy to later know that there was an investigation taking on the real corruption of this family.  One broadcast now probably has little help to the situation.

Could have been filmed yesterday.

Now it’s time to prosecute all the government officials complicit in their attempts to remove this rancher’s rights and property.  Lack of punishment is experienced as permission.  It’s past time, extremely past time to administer justice to government types.


The warthog is quite a machine.  I heard how it was being scrapped without any clear announced replacement.  I found a video discussing the plane and its use on target.  It’s worth watching this one.

This snippet describes so much with so few words.

Speaking of force, how about adding lying, hiding evidence, and sending snipers against citizens.  All in a day’s work when you deal with the government, I guess.

We are helping our British associates in the foreign fight against insurgents.  As a commenter noted it would be good if they would fight at home.  Home is being lost while they are doing actual battle elsewhere.

This looks good.  It has occurred to me that placing back the cream makes this milk like the cow’s milk.  Interesting.

I could not make it through the video.  Here is insanity on display.  Don’t waste a penny of education dollars here and advocate removal of the waste of public money here as well.  Is there any chance the kids shown could hold down a real job?  How do they expect to handle a workplace that’s less than ideal – which means actually real?

Intriguing thought.  Note that it is Christian ideals and ideas which get maligned.  “Tolerance” is applied only to Christians.  For some reason, others aren’t asked to “tolerate” us.  Ask the bakery recently charged out of existence for acting according to their values.  How many bakeries in that area would have been willing to bake the cake?  Their actions show that this was not about wanting a cake, this was about punishing Christians for their beliefs.  The government is now complicit in that punishment.

Department of preaging.

I was reading in a book many years ago about regulation and how businesses utilized government to stifle competition.  I have described utilizing government as an agent to force purchase of a product.  Here is a blog worthy of a read.  Excerpt: ” Big Business uses regulation to hobble small but dangerous competitors. They get the Fed.Gov to do their dirty work, while they extract maximum value from the end phase of their old products. We pay for that in higher prices and lack of better alternatives.”  Go read the rest.  Thanks Bayou Renaissance Man for the link.

I have typed little recently.  There is a reason.  I have heard many opining about the start of a new year and having new beginnings, etc.  I sort of hope so, but was feeling the “new year” as just another day.  How did I spend New Year’s?  Spouseinbox and I rewired an outlet, added another outlet and I drove to Big City for a doctor’s appointment.  Spouseinbox had to work, so the trip was done solo.  What’s this to do with typing?  Let me back up a bit.  We have wanted a baby.  We both love babies and volunteer in the nursery at church.  That’s where we get our baby time.  During one scan, there was an incidental, “oh, you have a cyst in your thyroid” noted.  We performed the anticipated referral to endocrinology and had an ultrasound which led to a biopsy which led to surgery for cancer which led to radiation treatment which led to no baby time.  That whole scenario played out over the span of 10 months.  In the midst of that story, we had bed bugs.  Annoying things, they are.  I read how they are the ultimate Hitchhiker.  We have suspicions from where they originated, but don’t really know.  This led to moving all cloth items into the garage to process through hot wash, or freezer and the destruction of the offending bed and frame.  So far, Lord willing, I have only seen 2 of those things out of that bedroom.  Both were in the hall and dispatched accordingly.

Since all the cloth items were in bags and the closets clear, I decided to assist spouseinbox and move a closet rod lower to match the reachable height.  One rod didn’t want to move.  It was set in those cups having a screw in the middle and an opening on one side where the rod is to slide and slip out of the adjoining cup.  The screw had moved out somehow and was preventing the removal of the rod.  I moved it around and tugged to no avail.  Finally, I decided that it was just a closet rod and if I pulled in the center, it would bend a little to come off the screw.  Pulling didn’t work, so I pulled harder.  that didn’t work, so I just yanked with all my might and it came out.  More correctly stated, it popped out and we both ended up on the floor with my wrist in excruciating pain.  It didn’t take my brain cells 2 seconds to decide I had done something not very nice to that wrist.

Spouseinbox kept a box of braces for various body parts, and I went to retrieve one, and with that applied, tried to finish the job.  There are times when ADHD has no place in my mind.  Nothing to distract here.  Not even a broken wrist.  Spouseinbox talked me to the walk-in clinic where the tugging injury was described and the nurse practitioner stated no X-ray was needed as it was pulling not an impact injury and sold me a brace.  Talk about profit margin.  I had to sign a waver of purchase as they were charging $72 for this silly thing.  With insurance bargaining, the price became $53.  I still had to pay that much for a brace the replacement of which I picked up on line for $26.  Keep that in mind next time a clinic tries to sell you one.  Just say, “thank you for the opportunity to be soaked, but I will purchase myself.”  Imagine if the bulk of people had to purchase their own medical equipment.  That would change the way things are done in medicine.

So to shorten this long story, I have been in and out of the brace over the last 6 months and up to 3 medicines for pain.  Wearing the brace made it extremely uncomfortable to type as well as use the mouse, so I have practiced mouse movements with my left hand.  At work, I’m rather proficient at usage now.  Well, at the appointment yesterday it was confirmed that the wrist was broken and the bone in question was healing in an arched position.  That being the case, I have a couple of choices.  I can live with the pain and start P/T again.  I can have the first set of carpals removed and the remainder would contract into that space with a reduction of movement, or I can have the entire wrist fused and be the equivalent of having an internal brace.  Pain or limited to  movement.  Joy.  The brace has been removed.  That helps the pain level.  (Granted, I’m still taking 2 of the meds.)  I’m planning on reducing the meds and start all of the exercises I learned from P/T the last time (for which I still am paying, thank you very much).

I’ve decided that this is going to be the equivalent of the advice given to knee replacement patients – take it until the pain is too bad, then have the surgery.  That’s my plan, and without the brace, it’s much easier to type again.

A new year.  I hear of hope, promises, ideas, plans.  Well, you have seen a little bit of mine.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the calendar, but here’s to looking forward with hope that the plans yield good results.

As for the electric project, that’s part of another story I may write some time.

I have had Carol of the Bells bubbling on my back burner for a couple of days and decided to play the song.  Isn’t that the way to stop an earworm?  Anyways, I found this version which had some really nice backgrounds as well as a pleasing mix.

First, there is no way I would own Alexa.  Next, this is cool.

I read through this article and noted a concept described, but not stated. That is the focus of an individual in regards to relationship to spouse and children.  In the 50s, there were television shows using entire families with each member showing the anticipated roles they played in society.  Using the female role mentioned in the article, note the disdain the teacher had for the role of mother. What is the main difference, personally speaking, between a mother and someone at a job?  The mother is working to care for others.  The woman in a job is working to care for herself.  This is not to disparage working moms who need to put food on the table.  I just want to recognize a concept using the scenario presented in the article – man supporting the family and woman supporting the home.   The child received a disparaging remark from her teacher that she should not consider caring for children as a worthwhile activity even though she was living the result of someone engaged in that action.  The teacher was trying to inculcate the child into selfish rather than selfless mindset.  The educator was trying to intrude in the family concept of the home life.  As an aside and quote I have used previously – Dr. Thomas Sowell noted that if one simply wanted to present sex education as the facts, it could be done so in a few classes.  The only reason to extend it over multiple years is to undermine the training received at home.  This demonstrates a similar retraining.

Arranged marriage – perfect name for the concept of deliberate action based on thought and conversation.  Emotions come and go.  Feelings run the gamut of ecstasy to discouragement.  Self absorption can only destroy a relationship.  Joy is recognized when shown in desire to give to others – in this case, the children.  She recognized how her dad gave to the family and the mom gave to the kids and him.  “It was never really spoken about to me, but those are just the ideas I developed and carried with me.”  She developed those ideas because she lived them.