The last comment (when I was reading) has some truth as well.

I saw a great poster with a photo of Sam Elliot, dressed as a cowboy. He (supposedly) said, “When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. All of the pain is felt by others.

The same thing happens when you are stupid.”

The effect of modern education is seen in, for example, how one receives change at the register.  The kids there are taught not to think, and when presented with something different – like a few extra cents so I may receive a quarter change, they can’t mentally handle the information.  The mind is instructed to not work.  That’s really sad and also probably the main reason democrat politics based on race, ethnicity, feelings, etc, rather than factual analysis gets so much play.  If the population was actually educated to analyze and think, little that they desire would be able to be passed.

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One of my jobs is to call insurance companies and provide information for a Prior Authorization.  This is done to prove to the insurance company that the medication or treatment is necessary.  There have been times I have spoke with someone who was obviously reading from a script and had no clue what the actual terminology was.  As long as I said a word that matched something in the column, we could have approval, if the actual diagnosis was a shade different, we were disapproved, or at best put on a review list for a pharmacist or doctor to review.  With the latter in mind, read this.  From my experience, I have not the slightest doubt as to the truth of the information.  After all, I am one of those on the back end of this snake getting drug through the weeds.  All the while, the patient in need of treatment, gets to sit home and wonder if she/he has been forgotten, while the ailment continues.  I have been on the back end of many of those phone calls as well.

In this case it’s philosophy.  This is a real battle.  Our cultural survival depends upon the warriors who are willing to engage.

I remember in early grade school how we discussed the melting pot – where every immigrant brought their individual talents and as a whole, the country was better.  By breaking up individuals into tribes, those individual talents are diminished and the whole is reduced to tribalism.  One particular item simmering in the back of my mind is the concept of any black trying to excel in school being called “acting white.”  If one doesn’t put their own talents to work and develop skills, the end product is going to be welfare bound, street bound, or working for someone else as labor.  That mindset is actively placing the blacks on the low end of the economic ladder – by their own behaviors.  This has nothing to do with their ancestors.  This has to do with current thoughts being pushed by those with demise of our country in mind.  How can a young boy become a man when he has never had an example?  This applies to all males.  How can females learn to respect males when they are constantly instructed and inferred as a lower mentally operating individuals?  How can young people understand the value of a family when it is constantly undermined and presented as a false construct?  These are the real battles we face to maintain our culture.

I happily noted this morning a couple of others who have called islam by what it is – a political philosophy mascarading as a religion.  In my terms, it is a totalitarian tribal philosophy.  Remember that mohammad spread his tentacles of control by lying, intimidation, and murder.  The present followers are charged with emulating their founder, so don’t consider their behavior to be anything removed from what they emulate.  Remember that it is considered high art to lie to your enemies – that is anyone who is not of your tribe of islam.  It is also considered skill to remove money from anyone who isn’t part of your tribe of islam.  This is seen in those who get welfare payments while driving the latest high dollar vehicles.  They are simply following their example and lying to receive our tax money in the form of whatever government handout can be utilized.

I like the idea of sunset regulations.  How about sunset bureaucracies?  In coordination with that idea, I would suggest that we eliminate any retirement associated with bureaucratic institutions or elected positions.  Any retirement needs to come from the private sector.  Period.  The only exception I would me here is for the military as they are actually putting their lives on the line for the rest of the country.  That act needs to be compensated.  Bureaucrats aren’t placing their lives on the line, at all, any time.  Ditto for elected officials who vote for themselves golden parachutes and exemptions from every regulation they foist on the rest of us.  All of those actions show a mentality of “we’re not you.”  Removing those trappings can only help.

This would be me: Just can’t do it.  He’s close to the ground.  That’s safer.  I would break something.

Having been in waiting rooms with the TV spewing CNN or MSNBC, I can so relate.

I understand that fully immersed units have a great discount…

The politics of subterfuge.  How do you get what you want and deny receiving it?  The more of this stuff I read, the more amazing the election of Donald Trump becomes.  He rose above how many challengers, how many of his own party, how much media, and a cast of characters trying to make life politics miserable for him.  Remember that he didn’t have to do this.  He is well set up in any part of the globe for comfort and enjoyment.  He is doing this for love of this country.  The GDP is responding accordingly.  Now we just need the remaining few fans of the NFL to find another pass-time that honors the country rather than spreads political propaganda.  Imagine if the large cities didn’t have the drain of billion dollar stadiums on their budgets.  That may make more money available for *gasp* something else that needs it.

We were eating supper with kidinbox and company last night.  It was recounted that they had gone to the local dollar store – that is, where everything is a dollar, and found Hillary’s book there.  It’s nice to hear how popular it is.  Personally, I wouldn’t crack the cover if it was free.