Well, this is from the comments, but I thought was worth the time.

So, the rich in other countries don’t want to take care of their citizens, then ship them off to America where we will have to take care of them and that is why illegals and DACA must go and those citizens of other countries removed from our soil and back to their own soil and take back the countries for the populous there since they have seen how it works here. We can no say “compassion” instead of “common sense” and remove and deport them as WHOLE FAMILIES because the whole families are also illegals. Other countries do not accept anyone invading their country nor their birthings as their legal citizens and neither can we! That is ludicrous and we must have compassion for our legal citizens and following the same REAL immigration laws under which my father came to the USA, and as did my spouse.

Here is another instance of recognizing that illegal immigration is an attack on our country.


Mark Stein

excerpt: In Afghanistan, we’re fighting for something not worth winning, and we’re losing. In Europe, Islam is fighting for something very much worth winning, and they’re advancing. And, according to all the official strategists in Washington and elsewhere, these two things are nothing to do with each other.

Very excellent reading.  Very troubling as well.  I wish it weren’t true.  Consider another thought from another post from another author of which I have no link; mass immigration is war.  When one country sends their population into another to take over that country’s culture, that’s war.  We have a couple players in that war in this country right now.  There is no acknowledgement of the war either.  Lack of firearms doesn’t make it less of a war either.  If someone moves into your house and brings relatives who eventually push you out the door, what is the term used to describe that action?  Love? Kindness?  Hospitality? or would that be more along the lines of aggression, theft, expulsion?  There is another quote in the article worth mentioning: when one doesn’t correctly label a threat, there is no ability to defeat it.

When the left attacks individuals on the right, the first thing they do is label them.  All the terms racist, homophobe, sexist, etc are utilized immediately to cast a particular feeling towards the individual and make any argument from that individual ineffective.  Interesting that we aren’t able to correctly label the people who do mean us harm.   It isn’t paranoia to say a muslim wants to kill me when he actually does.  That’s just telling the truth.  Their ideology demands death or subjugation of all who aren’t them.  That includes you and me.  Note how I address them.  I don’t call islam a religion as it is a totalitarian tribal ideology.   I do my best to not even capitalize them, as islam doesn’t earn even that much respect.  If only the elected leaders had that amount of clarity.

Today was listed as labor day and as such many received a vacation day.  My work was closed, so I took the opportunity to labor at home.  I installed shelves in the garage, pulled weeds, did laundry, planned a Kairos weekend, and got ready to paint the back fence.  Not too bad for a few hours without my regular work to do.

We have a  flag pole out front and I left it empty today.  Actually, the labor day was a result of the organized labor movement in the late 1800’s and commemorates the formation of unions and their power.  I don’t have a use for the unions.  After all, their initial purpose has been supplanted by labor laws and OSHA and they serve to protect poor workers and increase wages above market rates.  That is the real reason for the increases in minimum wage – the unions use that figure and argue that their skills entitle them to x amount above the minimum.  Any politician pushing minimum wage increase is doing so to pay off the unions.  Broad brush, I know, but too easy to show as well.  Therefore, I didn’t raise the flag.  Tomorrow, the Texas flag will be raised as my usual tradition.

Spouseinbox got inspired this evening and we all received benefit therefrom.  The object of a bit of preparation was a chicken dish consisting of green beans, chicken, and potatoes with a topping of ranch dressing mix.  The result is shown below:

supper 90417

From spouseinbox: I found a simple recipe on Facebook, and decided to try it for supper tonight. I used about a pound of chicken tenderloins,  and cut them in about 4 pieces per tenderloin. I cut up about 6 small potatoes, and put in 2 cans undrained green beans. I then used ranch dressing mix packet rather than Italian dressing mix packet.
Overall it was good, and everybody got seconds. However, I will do a few things differently next time. I will use canned green bean and potatoes drained, and mix in the chicken rather than lay it on top. It had a lot of juice this time, and I feel the seasoning seemed to be “washed off” the food into the juice.
I will look forward to next time.


Bottom line – information is power.  The more information an entity has on you, the more power they have over you.  That’s why Google and the federal government are so fearsome.  That’s also why I answer the census with number of individuals in the house only.  It’s a feeble attempt, I know, but at least it forces the federal government to ask Google for the information.  (they already are; one example)

The surgery is done.  The cancer is removed.  Spouseinbox stated that the doctor lied.  I was anticipating it, but tried not to say too much.  The presentation was sort of like this comic:


“You will be a little more sore than when they did the biopsy.” We were given Norco 7.5’s and morphine IV in the hospital room.  Yeaaaa, just a little more sore than post needle stick.  Now, I know how practitioners like to downplay the bad stuff.  We are trying to help expectations.  That strategy doesn’t really work with someone in the business.  That comic is so accurate.  Don’t think I don’t notice the preparatory medications either.   Just saying.

I had out my appendix many moons ago.  What I discovered was that lying was fine, standing was fine.  Going between them was horrible.  That said, I only took one pain medicine that first night.  That shot changed the way I give shots to this day.  I wasn’t even a nurse at the time.  Tell the patient they are going to be stuck.  I was waiting for the verbage and received a poke instead.  I jumped, looked at the nurse.  He gave an odd face, completed the injection and then told me I had just jumped off the needle and back on it again.  I got stuck twice for a single shot.  There’s nothing like personal experience to change one’s mind and approach.  That said, I decided the nurses were going to make me walk and I didn’t want to get out of bed any more than was necessary – as getting up was the worst – so I decided that I would walk out in front of the nurses station any time I had to get up for the bathroom.  It worked.  The nurses came and provided such compliments how I was energetic and walking wonderfully and they were happy with such progress.  I didn’t tell them I was just doing it so they would leave me alone.  Keep that in mind if you ever have to go to the big house.

Spouseinbox discovered that post surgery, standing was fine, lying was fine, going between them hurt.  That sounds so familiar.

Spouseinbox and I were having a discussion the other day.  Spouseinbox is facing surgery for cancer.  I am having my first meeting Friday about a broken wrist which will probably require surgery as well.  We were noting various issues – my knees were bad and spouseinbox’s feet were.  Other physical ailments were mentioned and we decided that if we placed all our good parts together, we could probably make a single good person.