I work in a neurologist’s office.  My doctor is a specialist who analyzes body operations according to the neurological standpoint.  This doctor further uses electrical analysis to decide what nerves are having problems and what diagnoses are related to the problems presenting.  This doctor went to college, then medical school, then residency, then fellowship.  I would placed in the realm of highly skilled.  What is the medical profession?  Back in the 80’s, the federal government decided that when people needed help, it was up to the medical professionals to provide that help – without being paid.  After all, when people need help, why should we worry about such a thing as compensation?  This is where the free ER visits originated and by the way, where the removal of ER’s in California originated.  It is also where the philosophy of “your labor belongs to me” originated as well.  We have patients who have the full expectation that our medical services should be free of charge.  After all, their health matters, doesn’t it?  Why should we make money off of their health?  Well, when was the last time someone went into a restaurant and told them that their food was necessary for life, and therefore should be free of charge?  In the end, the cost of the services is compensation for the time of the server.  That is the bottom line.  A person pays for the painter because that person spent their time and skill applying a coating in a pleasing fashion.  A person pays the restaurant as they spent their time and skill cooking the meal.  A person pays at the gas pump as that business – a little less directly – provides the result of time and effort of individuals to remove the fuel from the ground and turn it into a source of usable power.

There are three reasons for a person to enter into medicine.  There are plenty more, but here are a few obvious ones at the start.  My doctor mentioned getting into neurology because it was difficult.  There was a challenge in ascertaining neurological problems by looking at squiggly lines and numerical results of a needle placed in a muscle.  Treatments for neurological issues are not like an antibiotic which removes the bacteria and the person is “cured.”  We tend towards long-term treatments to make the symptoms of whatever issue more tolerable.  The problem will never be removed.  Another possibility of entering the profession is to help people.  There is a good feeling to provide decent information and have the person utilize it for their betterment.  Lastly, there is the income related to utilizing one’s skills.  Doctors maintain a good income.  Similar to the professional athletes, the reason for the higher income is that fewer individuals can do the task.  It is simply a notation of the marketplace, that those professions having skills that fewer individuals can do, allow incomes higher than the normal level.

Here we get to the nub of the idea.  Medicine is a business.  We, in the business, spend our time learning skills and giving our time in anticipation of receiving income related to our expenditures.  We also have bills.  Just because we have chosen a “helping profession” doesn’t mean our time is less valuable.  As the market dictates, certain professions have a higher than average income as the skills to be in that profession are not as prevalent.  Instead of those who look at us and think “rich doc”, maybe they should look and say “12 years of school”.  I had an acquaintance who finished up a MD PHD by the age of 29.  There was still residence and fellowship to go.  This person was in a meeting with a loan officer for a mortgage.  The mortgage officer asked about a job and my acquaintance stated she had nothing but little assistant jobs here an there.  The officer then asked about school and my acquaintance asked about college, or later training.  The officer stated everything, going back to kindergarten.  My acquaintance stated 24 years.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Realize that more training was going to begin as well.  How much of this doctor’s time should be free for the patient?   Wasn’t the purpose of all that training to become skilled in the anticipation of helping people and being compensated for that time?  Just like a hair-dresser going to training and then the workplace, the doctor spends time in school in anticipation of being compensated.  It is a job.  It is business.


The fall of Fort Fisher and ultimate surrender at Bennett Place led to the carnival of corruption that Vance illuminated. We should remember what occurred at Fort Fisher in mid-January 1865 for what it was and what it led to — the ending of an American struggle for freedom and independence, the consent of the governed to rule themselves. This is the sad fact that we should observe, and be cognizant of when gazing at the great earthen fortress.

It has taken a long time for the concept that was our government to be destroyed.  There are a few symbolic pieces remaining, but for the most part our founders would not recognize this country.  I’m afraid they would even wonder at the name and ask what happened to their rich tapestry of federalism.  This article shows the beginning of the end.  The 17th amendment cemented the downfall of state preeminence and the rise of the central government.  Income tax in 1913 further encroached the federal government into the private personal dealings of the citizens and the supreme court in the 30’s began the systematic removal of recognition of freedoms clearly stated in the Bill of Rights.  You will note that during the telling of the battle of the fort, how the descriptions are skewed to provide an altered history favoring the aggressors.  One tactic of totalitarians is to rewrite history.  It happens today even before the news is cold.  I had mentioned earlier that when kidinbox was in school, I took a little time in a “history” book where it was told that the Republicans opposed with Clinton and decided to impeach him.  There was not a single syllable about obstruction of justice or perjury – an action which would put any of the rest of us in prison.  History had become propaganda.  It isn’t different here with the presentation of the fort.  I would advise to do your own study and learn history from something other than a modern politically correct book.  Remember that the origin of “politically correct” was Marxism – the idea that once one could control the ideas allowed to be presented, even a person’s thoughts would be politically correct.

Spouseinbox and I were in the Texas state capital some time ago and I found a plaque in the right hallway behind the stair, facing the outside wall.  It stated that Texas would dedicate itself to the true history of the Confederacy and reasons for the war.  I have been holding off on posting until I found the picture of that plaque, but since I haven’t found it, but have found a good article on the subject, I decided to post anyways.  Next, there is a letter written by a Confederate soldier which describes the feelings, filling in the blanks noted by the article.  When I run across the picture of the plaque, I will post without the extra material.

1.) frequent flyers, or those who utilize services many, many, many times tend to adopt nicknames.  There is a general one I use in my present office – “the gift that keeps giving.”

2.) you know you have a frequent flyer when the name stimulates the medical record number without a search.

3.) I had to call a PCP in a town 90 miles away and the moment the nurse there heard my name and office, replied, “Oh, this is about A or B.”  It was about A.

I have not heard of a previous application, so can’t say for certain that this was the first, but personally, this is the first time I have heard “hate crime” applied to those with high amounts of melanin.  It’s amazing what lengths were stomped to obtain this recognition.  Reading this report only takes a few minutes.  Picture the treatment done for 24 hours.  It’s horrific when you try to imagine what is read being done over a long period of time.  Now note that this is level reached to apply that term to other than the white folks.  Incredible, and not in the good sense.  I’m sort of thinking of Jesus looking over Jerusalem in amazement.  How does a culture move from a location such as this?

I’m kind of a law and order type.  I only have 4 relatives and possibly a 5th in police or jail operations.  One phrase repeated is, “You know, all that’s needed is to obey the law.”  There is a secondary to that though.  It needs to be applied to those who write it.  I think that’s the present fatal flaw.  I can’t see things getting any better until those who make the law and those who enforce the law are held to the same standard of the law.  Once that happens, it becomes apparent that the law is what matters, not that the government has the best enforcement mechanism.  This reduces the government from the largest gang to an entity that’s part of the country.  Conceptually, it seems like an easy idea, though in practice I can’t see an easy way to get it implemented.

Zero’s tally of stuff.  He had historical firsts.

I am wondering where this one will go.  Imagine a single department unilaterally declaring they are in charge of all the disparate local political interactions in the country.  How well received will this be?  Not at all, from this portion of the country.

No grey area here.


And this is the language the Hezbollah understand.”

Now we are faced with a pickle – do we follow sensibilities and continue to receive attacks, or learn a new language and achieve a sense of peace.  I say a sense of peace as these trained individuals have been problems from the formation of this country.  Look up the “shores of Tripoli” and note our relation to muslims has a long history.  Their behavior has not changed.  Our sensibilities have.