Imagine you are throwing a rock.

Imagine you are throwing a rock hard enough to dent a roof vent.

Imagine you are throwing a rock hard enough to dent and make a crack in a roof vent.

Imagine you are throwing a rock hard enough to dent and make a crack in a roof vent 13 feet in the air.  You may get something looking like this:Photo06251821

You see the rock still there.  I was looking at the roof damage from the recent storm and on return to the ladder noted the vent didn’t look happy.  On closer examination, I was just left with “wow.”   We did have quite a bit of wind the other night…

I read this article and had to note how well the author analyzed the subject at hand.  I had a moment discussion with an individual at church on Sunday.  This individual works on political campaigns and was in one himself and spoke at the service.  One subject mentioned was freedom.  I told him afterwards that to me, there has to be responsibility.  The two are linked, and once one reduces responsibility, freedom is lost as well.  Freedom without responsibility is license.

I had a moment at work the other day.  A coworker held up a water bottle and asked how old it was.  I replied it was about 3 billion years.  Also, since it is constantly recycled, consider how many dinosaurs through which it has been as well as how many people have previously drunk it.  My coworker decided to get another bottle…

There is the concept of political correctness against which I have written on several occasions.  At the base of this is the desire by the elites to remove language from the lexicon in such a way that concepts are unable to be spoken.  Once the words have been removed, the concept is effectively removed as well as there is no decent way to describe it any more.  For any who doubt such an idea in real life, I present the following:

What We Should Learn from the Lack of Maintenance in Africa & the Rest of the Perennial Third World

Look about half way down the article to see this in application.

Happy Father’s Day to those practitioners of this much maligned and devalued profession.  There was a joke a couple of decades ago.  It went something like this: On Mother’s Day, the kids call the mom, give flowers cards, take her out to eat and express appreciation.  Father’s Day is a Graham Rudman Mother’s day.  Does anyone remember Graham Rudman?  We can see how well that one turned out.  Back to the subject.  There are two points which need to be made especially for today.  1.) men are required as the backbone of civilization, 2.) it takes a man to make a boy into a man.  I can hear some screams of disgust at my choice of the two topics, but for anyone who wishes to continue, I do have some relevant thoughts.  There is only one maternally oriented society of which I have knowledge – Iroquois.  (I looked up the subject and found that link listing some others)  The foundation of the society is the family and the backbone of the family is the dad.  That’s not to say that mothers have a lesser role, or no authority.  I’m just acknowledging the natural flow of authority and note that Biblically speaking, that is correct.  God will ask the man about his family.  The man was given authority, therefore the man is responsible.  Let me demonstrate this using this country’s inverse of the situation.  Welfare was promoted with Lyin’ B Johnson saying that he would have those N*&^& voting for the democrats for the next 200 years.  What has happened to the black families when it was profitable for the females to remove the fathers from the house?  Next, how has the black population fared behavior-wise and prison population-wise when the man is not available to turn the boy into a man?  Look at the prison population and ask the question – how many of you had an active father?  You know the answer.  I have stated previously and will enter it again at this point – the removal of the father from the family is placing government as the dad.  One lady to whom I made that pronouncement scoffed at the idea and I followed with the question – who do you call when the child is unmanageable?

As for the second point, I was suggested a book a few years ago – Iron John – which was an interesting read.  The subject was turning boys into men as a sociological study where the author observed rituals and passages through various cultures to find a common theme among them.  After all, if something occurs in different contexts and a multitude of cultures, it must be fundamental.  Once you remove the window dressing, there were two salient points.  One, the boy became a man with the direction and tutelage of men.  Two, it was a painful process.  From the book there are a couple of illustrations.  In one tribe, the boys were sent off on their own for three days to forage and be alone – to become hungry and desirous of companionship.  At the end of three days, all the men would be gathered around a fire and would cut themselves and bleed into a cup which was given to the boy to drink.  From that point on, the boy was under training from the men.  As a baby, the boy was receiving milk from the female.  Once grown, the boy would then become a man and would receive blood from the men.  There were other variations of that same theme.  As for pain, some would inflict it as part of the ceremony – as in knocking out a tooth which was done in another tribe.  But no matter what population group, those two points were noted.

Going back to the first illustration, you can see where I’m going with this.  The government, by removing men from the home, has created the situation where boys aren’t provided the training they need to become real men.  The population is skewed accordingly by that deficit.  Therefore, for those men who have stuck with your families and taken the cultural and media darts to provide your leadership and proper training, my hat’s off to you.  Those children coming behind us need your role model and care.  Kids are benefited by your presence, love, and touch.  I benefited from a father who had a rough childhood, survived war, and still offered his loving touch and direction to the family.  Thanks dad.  All you did was appreciated – and even more so now that I’m older.

I have seen the article and discussed at work a trial which has begun.  The charge is manslaughter.  I think, along the lines Rush used with killing a baby, she just participated in medical care in the wrong state.  After all, there is no issue with assisted suicide in Oregon.  One may protest that there was no physical issue, but note the comments about pain.  There was a real issue there, and it was demonstrated by the actions of the individual.  Let’s look just a little deeper at this.

What is the value of an individual?  If you are a person who hasn’t breathed yet, you have less than value.  The government will subsidize your death and removal.  If you are a newborn, and your teenage mother kills you in a toilet, there is a 2 year sentence for that death.  The numbers change and flux from that point until the end.  Sometimes according to the age, sometimes according to the person’s actions, sometimes according o the associations the person has.  There is no consistency with the actions.  Look a bit historically and there was Hitler.  He decided the Jews were the pox of earth and needed to be removed.  How was that done?  I know you immediately think of the logistics of the trains, ovens, and death camps.  Stalin made Hitler look like a boy scout with his murder of tens of millions.  How was that done? Think back a little and realize that these individuals had to be labeled something, or designated something to philosophically allow those actions to continue.

The Origin Of Species was an interesting book.  Darwin took time examining various species through a trip and posited the notion that one changed into another through a long period of time.  I will note that through my observations and training, he was partially correct, so let me address this at the onset.  Evolution is the adaptation of a species to a changing environment.  Without such change, very few species would exist on this ever changing planet.  That’s all there is.  It’s simple and effective.  Those with better adaptation can have offspring and continue.  Those with characteristics which could not adapt, die.  What did the evolution of species say about people?  It permitted the movement of value from the church to the classroom.  Prior to Darwin, a person was considered in the image of God, blessed by His Creator, and acknowledged by the One who formed him in his mother’s womb.  Compare that to the designation after Darwin – a well developed ape.  Philosophically speaking, this was the background of removing the Jews.  They were no longer people formed in the image of God.  They were just well developed apes which could be herded and slaughtered like cattle.

Once one is removed from the spiritual, arguments vary according to how one’s value is applied.  In a philosophy class, the basis for laws was the population and what was best for interaction.  Note that there was no relative value, just ascribed value by one’s station in the society.  I guess arguments could go on ad infinitum, because once one removes God’s designation, the result is less than ideal.

Now we enter the trial.  At issue is someone who encouraged another to remove themselves from the population.  At the base, behind the trial, is the show of the philosophy.  What is a person’s value?  Is a person designated by God as one of value, or just a well advanced ape who can be treated like cattle according to the whim of the current culture?

A bit over a week ago, spouseinbox and I went on a short trip to the coast.  The plan was to camp on the beach and do – nothing.  Well, we did have to eat, so took a Coleman stove and a cooler of food.  A camera and the appropriate camping outfit rounded out the load in the car.  Getting to the area was interesting as the road did one of those turns at an intersection and the straight road continued with another designation.  We figured out the dilemma after about half a mile and discovered that the city beaches allowed no camping, but on return to the main route, the state beach did.  All told it was $20 per night to camp on the beach with the only provisions provided being a port-a-potty, and a cold water tap.  There were no designated camp sites, however, we did find an open picnic table and claimed it for our camp site.  There were sand dunes right there and an open area in one of the dunes at about 80 feet away was where the port-a-potty and water tap were.  All those in proximity seemed like a good choice.  We set up camp.  The water was about 20 feet away from the front zipper of the tent.

The water had a bunch of seaweed in it for about the first 50 feet out and then it cleared a little bit.  It was sort of walking on a coarse carpet.   Spouseinbox discovered that the seaweed also thinned a bit to the South about 200 feet away from our campsite.  There were a few things we noted: spouseinbox found three crabs – 2 hermit crabs in shells about 1″ wide and a baby (what I think was a) blue crab smaller than my fingernail.  There were clams about 1/2″ – 3/4″ in width in the sand such that walking had an interesting feel under the feet.  There was the soft sand and pieces of hard gravel-like mixed.  It was interesting to think that each piece of “gravel” was actually a clam which would stick out its muscle to the side to help push and then slightly open and close to work itself down into the sand.  The wave would wash a top layer of sand and the remaining sand with now exposed clams would then “boil” while the clams worked into it.

There were the sand crabs on the dry ground who could run incredibly fast sideways and poorly frontwards and backwards.  It seems like they have a simple programming – eat, make more crabs, dig holes.  As for the first and last, one could see the tiny claws picking through the sand and picking up towards the mouth on the underside of the crab.  The crab would also pull out sand from the hole, get to the rim of the hole and toss it.  On arrival, it looked like there were a bunch of umbrella holes in the sand.  Actually, there were a bunch of crabs digging.  The crabs weren’t alone in digging, there was also a pregnant ground squirrel.  She had prominent nipples and a fat abdomen – the reason I believe she was pregnant.  This character had several tunnels through the dunes and would stop, stand, watch us, then dive back into a hole.  Spouseinbox was in very close proximity to her as she approached and came to the edge of spouseinbox’s chair.

Also noted was that the gulf is rather noisy.  When one hears of the wave simulator, there is a quiet pleasant woosh sound which comes and goes in volume.  The actual thing is a bit higher on the decibel scale and constant in volume.  The volume is apparent when sitting on the side of the car which made a wind/noise break.  The difference was impressive.  It isn’t hard to accommodate the nose, and I was informed that I slept through a midnight storm.

There were also several varieties of birds and one gave me a thought.  It was flying at water level with its lower beak in the water scooting along at flying speed while fishing.  What occurred to me was that the birds were drinking sea water.  There was not fresh water to be had.  That means there must be a difference in the osmolarity in the bird to allow ingestion of salt water.  Just a thought.

I was not thinking about my feet.  I had a hat for my head, swimsuit, and plenty of sunscreen.  This was applied to the shoulders, back and a bit on the arms.  After all, we were going into the water.  Well, my feet got plenty of sun and I paid for ignoring them.  It was painful to sleep on my left side due to that foot and by Sunday about noon, spouseinbox and I realized that we were just hiding in the shade as the weather had become so much hotter and with the sunburns we didn’t want to go into any more sun.  A retreat back to large city was executed and we relaxed with a cool room and actual shower.  Will we do this again?   Probably.  I will wear more sunscreen next time.  No sense simulating a lizard a week later.