in the do it again category:

We had a bit of potato and green bean in the fridge, meatballs in the freezer, and needed supper of some sort.

I took 6 beef bullion cubes and added them to 6 cups water.  The I added:





I used the most parsley and lowered the amounts of each spice until the cumin was the least amount added.  This was stirred and brought to a boil.  I took out a couple cups of this mixture into a bowl, added ice cubes and then stirred in 3 large spoons of corn starch using a whisk.  This was stirred back into the rest of the mixture and brought to a boil again.  Once thickened, I poured this over the meatballs in a crock pot.  The crock pot was set to warm as we learned the hard way that low could burn ham.  At supper time, even our picky kidinbox ate it.  The thickened broth was excellent over mashed potatoes.  This will be made again.  🙂


Siblinginbox sent a link which helped make sense of some behavior.  Let’s play a mental game.  Say you are at war and an enemy comes into your midst singing like a canary.  Now suppose that this same individual is related to a high official in the enemy’s military establishment.  What an incredible opportunity!  How about making propaganda tapes and use them against the enemy?  Further, let go this individual into government with the knowledge that his position is in constant threat of those tapes being revealed.  With those thoughts, watch this.

His presidential loss meant we were saved a president who could have been blackmailed by the Vietnamese….

I get the mail regularly at work and bring it to the back, sort it, and deal with whatever lurks within the pages….

A large envelope arrived the other day.  A patient had provided a folder of their entire discharge paperwork and medical files for our usage.  As I was glancing at the contents to decide what to do with it, my nose began to send alarm signals to my olfactory lobe.  The cigarette odor was impressive.  To add to this moment was the third paragraph down on the first page:

Congratulations on your acceptance of participation with our smoking cessation coach…

on how to deal with terrorists.  It’s cost effective as well – much cheaper than the court system…

Of course, there has to be a back story to this one.  I just liked the idea and the pic.

There is an excellent book out there called the Underground History of American Education.  It is divided up into sections very heavily researched showing influences of various kinds on education.  One of the items was business which wanted to destroy the craftsman and create a consumer.  Schools were designed with a day schedule an an excessive amount of calendar time to accomplish their goals.  From another book on another subject, but associated with the idea of retraining – Thomas Sowell – the only reason to have sex education for more than a single instructional period is to change what the parents are teaching at home.  The day is planned.  The goal is accomplishing profit for a corporation.  In a similar vein, I found this article.

Good Freaking Grief!

That was almost painful to watch.  Note that this representative’s idea espoused that illegals were only called that because of an opinion of the president.  There was no concept of a law being broken.  Consider this the way they think and cringe.  If you want to know why this country is in the shape it’s in, here is just one tiny example.  The government official actually schools the representative on what the law actually is.  Illegal means something – at least it used to mean something.  What is the law the rest of us get to ignore?

Hey, voters in Hawaii, find someone who knows what the law is, and follows it, and send them to be a representative.  That would be considered a wonderful favor.   Even if they are on the democrat side of the aisle, someone who knows and follows the law would be an incredible step forward for that party.

A good guy with a gun.

How do you get good guys with guns?

Raise good guys and then train them.

Here is a good start.

For those whining about risk and not wanting firearms available, who do they want when the chips are down?  There just seems to be a responsibility issue with them not wanting to be responsible for their own safety.  If a person isn’t responsible for themselves, who will be?  Dr. Laura had a caller with whom she was working for a while, then finally had an exasperated moment – “Why am I working harder on your problem than you are?”  It was an interesting observation.  The caller wanted more effort from the other end of the phone than they wanted from the person in the mirror.

Now granted, for the most part, those who want everyone disarmed are simply playing the communist card and removing opposition to rule.  The second amendment was placed there precisely because our founders knew the depravity of man and desire to rule and provided the ultimate defense to the population against such a government.

I’m happy to see training on firearms being passed to another generation.  That provides me hope for our future.