For those who don’t believe that zero is a muslim, consider the meaning of this cartoon.

Here is an article from the same site to which I linked earlier.  There is also a link to Thomas Sowell later in a later article, and he is always a good read.  Two pulls from each articles.

It is so sad to see the United States of America commit suicide due to a biased media, stupid voters, moochers, looters, leeches, parasites, and craven politicians who care more about personal power than they do about this country. But it is so hard to write about this stuff every day and still see things getting worse.

The real question is whether the investment of wealth is likely to be done better by those who created that wealth in the first place or by politicians. The track record of politicians hardly suggests that turning ever more of a nation’s wealth over to them is likely to turn out well.

I have had many periods of time where I could not write about national, cultural, or political stuff due to the emotional impact of observing the decline. ( I took a break and stayed with family and food posts.)  I also don’t like the way I sound when writing about those subjects, but realize that it must be done.  There have to be those to note what is actually happening in this country so that there is a chance in the future for someone to glean a bit of truth.  The other recognition is that by writing what I do, I am a prime target for the statists as my posts show me to be nonconvertible to the communist way of thinking.  Look at the way communists take over power and you’ll know of what I am speaking.  So in the mean time, I will place my thoughts here and thank you for your kind use of your time spending it with me.

Siblinginbox brought my attention to this video.  I noted it interesting that the “reporter” kept asking the same question.  Constantly, Repeatedly, Over. And. Over.  And. Over.  And. Over.  Let’s call them what they really are: democrat operatives with a publishing outlet.  Their only purpose is to get the appropriate sound bite to sink the election chances of Ted Cruise.  Now to my observation, when Ted Cruise asked if they hated Christians, there was no response.  I didn’t even notice a clearing of the throat.  This is just another one of the reasons I don’t trust a thing coming from the MSP any farther than I can throw this building.  (For those new to my abbreviation, MSP is the Main Stream Propagandists.)  I liked the reference he gave towards the end of the clip – California voted to define marriage appropriately, and a homosexual judge overturned the votes of a population.  Since when was that action democratic?  Where is the voice of the majority of the population?  How come a tiny minority can command the MSP such that the majority of the population lose their voice?  We are in the silence when the question is asked by Ted Cruise.  We are the ones despised by the MSP.  You can guess how much news I watch.  That being the case, it’s quite a shock when I do see some as I am not accommodated to the daily treatment afforded Christians and conservatives by the MSP.  I’ll stop for now.

From siblinginbox:

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

The consequences and patterns of war, whether by one nation against another or by a government against the citizenry, rarely change. However, the methods of war have evolved vastly in modern times. Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people might not even recognize that they are under attack until it is too late. Whenever I examine the conceptions of “potential war” between individuals and oligarchy, invariably some hard-headed person cries out: “What do you mean ‘when?’ We are at war right now!” In this case, I am not talking about the subtle brand of war. I am not talking about the information war, the propaganda war, the economic war, the psychological war or the biological war. I am talking about outright warfare, and anyone who thinks we have already reached that point has no clue what real war looks like.

The recent exposure of the nationwide Jade Helm 15 exercise has made many people suspicious, and with good reason. Federal crisis exercises have a strange historical tendency to suddenly coincide with very real crisis events. We may know very little about Jade Helm beyond government admissions, claims and misdirections. But at the very least, we know what “JADE” is an acronym for: Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution, a program designed to create action and deployment plans using computer models meant to speed up reaction times for military planners during a “crisis scenario.” It is linked with another program called ACOA (Adaptive Course of Action), the basis of which is essentially the use of past mission successes and computer models to plan future missions. Both are products of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

As far as I know, no one has presented any hard evidence as to what “HELM” really stands for, but the JADE portion of the exercise explicitly focuses on rapid force deployment planning in crisis situations, according to the government white paper linked above. This fact alone brings into question statements by the Department of Defense that Jade Helm is nothing more than a training program to prepare military units for “foreign deployment.” This is clearly a lie if Jade Helm revolves around crisis events (which denotes domestic threats), rather than foreign operations.

Of course, if you also consider the reality that special operations forces ALWAYS train like they fight and train in environments similar to where they will fight, the entire notion of Jade Helm as a preparation for foreign theaters sounds absurd. If special operations forces are going to fight in Iraq, Iran or Syria, they go to training grounds in places like Kuwait. If they are training in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida (including “infiltration training”), then there is no way around the fact that they are practicing to fight somewhere exactly like Fort Lauderdale with a similar culture and population.

The Baltimore story in one sentence

Man is raped at gunpoint by THREE women so they could collect his semen: “A man was kidnapped at gunpoint and raped by three women who collected his semen in a cool box and stealing it before abandoning their victim – and the method is part of a growing trend. The 33-year-old man gave the women directions when they pulled up in a black BMW. Suddenly, one of the women armed with a gun got out and forced him into the back of the car at gunpoint. The trio then drove him 500km away and fondled him in the back of the car but he did not become aroused, so they forced him to drink an ‘unknown substance’ from a bottle to aid him. They then raped the man repeatedly and collected his semen in plastic bags, placing them in a cooler box. The man was then kicked out of the car, 500 km away from where they picked him up in the Kwazakhele township, Port Elizabeth, and made off with the stolen sperm. The exact same method is being used by women in Gauteng, who
are also forcing men to drink from a bottle and stealing their semen but no arrests have been made. The man was fully conscious throughout his ordeal and he is still traumatised.”

Jade Helm and Texas: Conspiracy Nuts?
Nobody doubts that the military needs to train in the sort of environment they may need to operate and for any reasonably-foreseeable eventuality.  That’s expected and the usual practice, and there is a growing use of our military in urban, suburban and rural areas of the world (not in the United States) that would benefit from such an exercise.

So it seems that this is a rather ordinary thing, and thus the Texas (and some other people’s) reaction is one of conspiracy nuts.


Let’s say I take that at purely face value, which I am inclined to, particularly reading the NY Times article given the slant they put on it and the accusations made about Texans.
Now please explain, if this is a training exercise for overseas readiness, as the NY Times has claimed, why is it that the DEA and FBI are involved in any way with this exercise, including in providing interrogation services

Show Hillary the Money!
Bill and Hillary Clinton have made $25 million from speeches alone since January 2014, according to financial disclosures they filed pursuant to federal law. During this period, they made a combined total of 104 speeches – 3.25 speeches a month each.
…To me, though, the most interesting aspect of the disclosure is the extent to which Hillary Clinton’s speaker fees came from companies with large amounts of money riding on government decisions. In these instances, Hillary wasn’t speaking to college students at the expense of the university. She was speaking to corporations that had no reason to pay to hear her other than the desire to curry favor with a strong presidential contender.

ROGER SIMON: Sabotage! Will Bill Save Us From Hill? “The more we read of the escapades or listen to the remarks of William Jefferson Clinton, the less it seems he wants his wife to be president. Even the court eunuchs at the Washington Post are starting to worry.”

SOME LIBERALS GET IT:   . . . but progressives never will.  Kirsten Powers has a Daily Beast piece, “How Liberals Ruined College” in which she acknowledges (as the subject of her new book) that the academy is a festering pile of progressive intolerance:

On today’s campuses, left-leaning administrators, professors, and students are working overtime in their campaign of silencing dissent, and their unofficial tactics of ostracizing, smearing, and humiliation are highly effective. But what is even more chilling—and more far reaching—is the official power they abuse to ensure the silencing of views they don’t like. They’ve invented a labyrinth of anti-free speech tools that include “speech codes,” “free speech zones,” censorship, investigations by campus “diversity and tolerance offices,” and denial of due process. They craft “anti-harassment policies” and “anti-violence policies” that are speech codes in disguise.

Indeed.  It’s getting scary.  Just as the Phi Delta Theta fraternity members who were recently suspended from Washburn University over text messages that made (gasp!) sexual comments about women and girls.

[From the comments]
The real threat here, of course, is that colleges are turning out our future political elite, and they are an ‘elite’ being programed to think of this sort of repression as SOP. Things are due to get really, really ugly in about 10 years, when this batch of college graduates start to take power.

A Racebaiter’s work is never done
First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the 2015 commencement address at Tuskegee University, telling the crowd assembled at the historically black college that “the road ahead is never going to be easy, especially for folks like you and me.”
The First Lady said that she and the President have experienced racism “daily” throughout their lives, even as Mr. Obama has risen to the highest office in the land.

It has no glue, bolts or any other fixings to hold it up and is made entirely of 22,000 sheets of paper. But this unique red bridge, found over the top of a valley in the Lake District, has become a hit with dog walkers and cyclists eager to test whether it will hold their weight.
PaperBridge is a temporary piece of artwork located over a beck at the top of the Grisedale Valley, under the shadow of Helvellyn, Cumbria.
The striking construction relies on authentic architectural principles as used in the dry-stone walls and the original packhorse bridges that are found in the Lake District to hold it up.

Report: TSA Doesn’t Know if Bomb-Detecting Machines Are ‘Operational’
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has such poor management over its airport security equipment that the agency does not know if its screening machines are working, according to an audit by the Office of Inspector General.
American lives may be at risk due to ineffective maintenance of its equipment, which has cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.
“The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not properly managing the maintenance of its airport screening equipment,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general audit said. “Specifically, TSA has not issued adequate policies and procedures to airports for carrying out equipment maintenance-related responsibilities. Because TSA does not adequately oversee equipment maintenance, it cannot be assured that routine preventive maintenance is performed or that equipment is repaired and ready for operational use.”

[So why are we being groped? – me]

GOVERNMENT IS JUST A WORD FOR THE THINGS WE CHOOSE TO DO TOGETHER: How the DEA took a young man’s life savings without ever charging him with a crime. Asset forfeiture is simple predation.

[From the comments]
Just posted this at the WaPo site, bracing for the angry liberal response…
I didn’t wake up this morning and decide that I want to be a troll today. But sorry, it needs to be said…
Any of you WaPo-reading liberals and reporters out there: do you get this limited government thing yet? Do you understand now why the Tea Party likes the Constitution?
The Constitution explicitly prohibits just this kind of abuse. The Fourth Amendment says,
“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
There it is: black and white. DEA can’t just walk up to a young man and take his money, whether it’s because he’s black or brown or yellow or the dog is barking or the wind is blowing. or for any reason or for no reason, or just because he had $16 grand and they thought it looked better in their pockets than his.
But, of course, they did just that.
Funniest part of this article: where it says the DEA agent didn’t believe the young man or his mother. Right. “Let’s see, if I believe you, then I don’t get to take your money. If I don’t believe you, I do. Decisions, decisions…. okay, I don’t believe you. Hand it over.”
But when you have a Constitution that doesn’t mean what it says, but instead one that is an interpretation like modern dance, full of emanations and penumbras, up is down, white is black, and freedom is tyranny
One of these days, maybe you’ll get it.

One of the nation’s largest public school systems is contemplating introducing the concept of “gender fluidity” into its curriculum. In case you’re not up to speed on the latest in the gender identity nonsense, gender fluidity posits the notion that biology doesn’t matter — that no one is 100% girl or 100% boy.
The radical gender-identity crowd is determined to mainstream transgenderism. In this campaign, science doesn’t matter. Biology is a fraud. Only personal feelings and fulfillment is what counts.
I know that kids are growing up faster these days, but is this really an appropriate subject for middle schoolers?

This is not a new movement. It has been on the fringes of the LGBT community for years. But trying to mainstream completely unproven theories about gender identity is political, not educational — and certainly not scientific

So what’s new from this crowd? Bullying is their MO, as is intimidation and threats. Your kids will be forced to tolerate transgenderism as it is being promoted by the LGBT community, even though it has far more to do with politics than “health education.”

[From the comments]
Parents should be revolted by this plan. It gives the school power to indoctrinate children in something that has no scientific support whatsoever. It gives the school some degree of control over the children’s education about sex and morality. So, the school is now sitting at the dinner table with the family.
This is outrageous. Everyone behind this plan should be canned.
I don’t know that the planners are card carrying communists but they are achieving the same results. If this plan were to become institutionalized then it would feed right into the workplace and require a greater federal government control over the workplace. C’mon, people. Judge a communist by his fruits. These people are communists hell bent on our destruction.

OUCH: Lloyd Grove: ABC Colleague: George Stephanopoulos ‘Really Isn’t a Journalist.’ “Even as he acknowledged error in making his Clinton Foundation donations—having been caught by the right-leaning Washington Free Beacon and Politico—Stephanopoulos continued to insist that disclosing it would have been ‘go[ing] the extra mile’ rather than a basic journalistic requirement. In other words—to paraphrase another famously beleaguered public figure whose blunders were inconveniently exposed—he might not have volunteered information, but at least he was legally accurate.”

[From the comments]
I have known some big city home boys that have tried to explain to me why their local mobster is really actually a pretty good guy and does things for the community and we non-mobster people just don’t get it. These are the guys that say, 13 indictments and “NOT a single conviction!”

The Clinton War Room developed the “No controlling authority” defense.

I heard someone on the radio this week, I think it was Dennis Prager asking why the Left creates riots over a fake incident in Ferguson where a cop DID NOT shoot a black man in the back, but did not riot or even rush to the microphones on MSNBC when a black man was actually shot in the back in South Carolina. He said, it was because the response was unanimous, the evidence was incontrovertible and the “unified” response created immediate and swift action.

The point is the Left is in search of conflict where they can point at someone, a group, a bogey man and say “We need to attack the enemy”. So if someone stands up to the accusation in the name of due process, or truth, or the general premise that lynch mobs should not “be allowed space to destroy”…. then you are able to point at them and say look, they oppose us, so they must be [fill in the blank]…Bull Conner, Homophobe Westboro baptist members, Neo Nazis, Militia movement, etc.

The truth is the groups I just mentioned might be numbered in the hundreds of individuals in the US at best. The Left wants you to believe that number of enemies is in the 10s of millions or the majority of America or close to it. “We are a nation of cowards” as Eric Holder says. We are all guilty,… except him.
Stephie Stephanopolous in his book, “All too Human” said that during his Clinton years, they often justified the “War Room” tactics by chanting the phrase, “we can not serve the people if we do not rule”. He later said he began to have doubts about Bill Clinton’s real desire to do good for people and said at the very least, he was angry and dissappointed that Clinton had squandered his great talents on trivial and petty matters, when he could have done so much.

Isn’t that always the excuse. Its like Wesley in Forrest Gump who “Lost his head because that bastard LBJ”. “We had good intentions”. We just had a lot of passion to get in power so we could really implement our good intentions, and we cut corners…. then somehow along the way we forgot what we came to Washington to do,… like help kids in Africa with Aids, by putting $75,000 into an organization that only passes on 15% of its money to actual charities and only part of that to aids and even that maybe sort of tossed in the general direction of a third world nation that has people who have AIDS but is run by strong arm thugs that like Bill Clinton, which may or may not be meant to help them….. but at least it wasn’t money going to that evil Bush who hates AIDS babies.

…err, wait, Bush is generally considered the most active President in history on AIDS in Africa. By some estimates he saved 30 million lives. Clinton threw stumbling blocks in front of efforts to stop genocide, leading to a million hacked bodies in less than a year.

So the bottom line is the Left has devolved in to an “Anybody but that Strawman” party… or “at least we aren’t Fascists like them”. And why do they worship Stephanopolous and SnakeHead and Bill and Hillary? Because they have on more than one occasion used unscrupulous and even criminal means to defeat legal and justified attempts by Republicans to expose their crimes. They are loved BECAUSE they break the law. They are the mobsters with “13 indictments and not a single conviction”. Stick it to the man! They say things like, “if you don’t have a corpse, you can’t lock me up”. OR as Stephanopolous said to Peter Schweizer, “You don’t have a single shred of evidence of an actual crime, do you?”

This story will swirl around for a while and they will eventually say, “Has a crime been committed?” NO! … Is there anything new to say about it?” No! “Therefore its old news” and “anyone that is rehashing old news is a radical”, and “that means you are a rightwing partisan,…and a facist”,… so Move On … .Org
The only thing that is more sick and pathological about the Democrat Party that Stephanopolous helped create is the idea that cult followers by the millions have fallen for it and elected these crooks again and again.

I’m getting the feeling the Clintons arranged Stephanopoulos’ job at ABC with the knowledge that he would be their operative. ABC must’ve been in on this arrangement, and they were fine with it.
That makes this a conspiracy.

Woman Who Delayed Response to Free Beacon While George Stephanopoulos Scrambled to Plant His Story at Politco Used To Work As Press Contact For… HILLARY CLINTON

And George Stephanopoulos’ extensive, pervasive, and profound connections to the Clinton campaign continue to multiply.

Before getting to that, let’s revisit how the Free Beacon’s scoop was attributed by the mainstream media to Politico.

It was actually the Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles who discovered Stephanopoulos’ donations to the Fund for Clinton Financial Health. He called George Stephanopoulos about it, to get comment, per regular journalistic decorum, and I guess he actually was put in touch with a PR person at ABC.

What Team Stephanopoulos did was this: While Stiles was waiting for comment — affording them the chance to comment — Team Stephanopoloulos called Politico and “disclosed” the donations to them, making it seem as if Stephanopoulos was doing so voluntarily and on his own conscience.

The media then edited out the Free Beacon from the story — to deny them credit, to puff up the friendly leftist “mainstream” media generally, and to falsely imply Stephanopoulos was self-disclosing, rather than being forced to after Andrew Stiles discovered his grubby secret.

Guy Benson talks about that in a funny video from the Free Beacon.

Now, about that PR aide who put off Stiles while Stephanopoulos was secretly arranging to deliver the story, with his spin, to Politico.

Her name is Heather Riley.

I just read that and smiled.

I found this and this while surfing.  When is the last time you found a politician taking his family bowling – without setting up security or establishing a media perimeter?  How about “spontaneous interviewees” who are later discovered to be vetted prior to their transportation to the meeting site?  It’s quite refreshing to see someone who is being a regular person.  Welcome back to real life, from that cesspool in Washington, Ted.  We’re glad to have you.


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