What will legal push-back look like?  How will law abiding Americans approach the evil, law ignoring hordes in our midst without going to that side of the equation?  It is known that if we punch back in that fashion, those on the left haven’t a prayer.  Freedom loving Americans who uphold the rule of law and enjoy their second amendment tend to be on the right.  Loving law may be part of the issue.  Those on our side love what our country used to be and don’t want to join the left in that destruction.  What to do?  That’s quite a quandary.  Here is an article on the need to push back.  It doesn’t detail specific actions, just the need.


One task I have is to interview the new patient.  This is the most extensive questioning we do in the office.  The doctor wants a view of everything and as such we are going to probe about pretty much everything.  We have a list of symptoms, diagnoses and questions to complete.  In that list is a blank line to write the former surgeries.  The doctor wants this to be a complete list as well.  Our doctor has even gone as far as noting that the circumcision is a surgery most males forget.  He wants it listed.  I was interviewing a male and came to this blank line.  A few items were mentioned and then I noted that some males forget the circumcision (keeping the doc’s verbage).  This fellow replied that, yes, he had one and it was so rough he didn’t walk for a year.

Remember that she is 14.

Good training somewhere in her past.  Congrats.  That is what the parents are supposed to do.  More chilling for the left, think about her voting prospects in the future when one of them starts spouting manure about the second amendment…

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Don’t forget – not teaching the young how to read cursive – removes ability to actually read for themselves the actual scripts previously written and forces them to accept the interpretations presented by those who can.





We actually have forms stating “male, female, other, unknown”.  No joke.  It’s like there are individuals who can’t look in their pants and realize the presence of something there.  X and Y.  That’s it.  The rest is mental illness as the picture noted.  It used to be treated as such before society took such a down-turn.

Nothing like a helping of personal responsibility

Kidinbox has become familiar with my split over the past couple weeks.  This is to maintain position of my wrist for occupational therapy.  It combined with my 5 pound weight limit rather limits certain activities.  After all, I can flex my fingers and extend them, and move my thumb back and forth.  Last night’s prayer sort of went like this:

M: God thank you for this day for the good time had, I pray for good nights sleep to feel good for the day tomorrow.

KIB: God I pray for the wrist that it will get better so he can put both hands on the steering wheel.

I was in the process of looking up some Irish music when I ran across this video.  Enjoy.