I had a patient in the other day and as conversation went, I brought up an older memory file from the archive.  I don’t remember typing it here, and am not in the mood to search posts, so if you’ve seen it before, just enjoy the rerun.

The government hospital at which I worked had a really good salesman.  Let’s just say the salesman from the IT company made a great commission.  The end result for us was laptops mounted on carriages with scanners attached.  All were rather high-dollar equipment.  The program chosen, however, left much to be desired, but we made the best of it.  (tolerated it the way all employees tolerate their management’s decisions)  What I discovered was that the laptop didn’t have blocking yet applied.  Fun.  Fun.  I went to soundamerica.com (I believe) and found Darth Vader’s line and downloaded it to a sound file.  I next opened the system sounds and applied it in a fashion for my enjoyment.  It lasted until some IT person without a sense of humor removed it and blocked me.  Until that moment though, I would log in and the computer would say, “What is thy bidding, my master?”


I have noted over time that driver’s behaviors have become increasingly more lawless and more self-centered.  This observation applied historically in the cities and more recently in the small towns I frequent.  My observation and analysis of driving behavior is that the population is more self-centered.  That is – the population is more centered on what will personally benefit themselves and less on the general welfare of society.  Why stop at a red light if no one is there, or the other drivers there are back a bit?  That kind of thinking behind that kind of behavior can only come from one who has ignored established law and common courtesy.  The sense in which this would show up earlier in the cities is an examination of scale where the individual is such a small part of the whole that personal care must rise above normal courtesy considerations.  Therefore, it makes sense to me that the cities would be the first to show this kind of character, though I would also mention that the cities are also highly one political bent which also tends towards abolition of the Constitutional law applied to everyone.

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Hence, in our revolution, as in others, which side first transgressed civility’s canons matters only historically. In our revolution, as in others, truth comes to be what serves to increase fellow partisans’ animus against socio-political opponents, and words to mean neither more nor less than what serves the speaker at any given time.

As Thucydides pointed out, once people cease adhering to “those general laws to which all alike can look for salvation in adversity,” partisan solidarity offers the only immediate hope of safety. And that, in turn, is because “those general laws” are by, of, and for the good of all. Once people no longer see any good common to all, justice for each becomes identical with advantage. The only good or justice that prevails is the good or justice of the stronger. As Plato points out in Book I of The Republic, far from being a rare phenomenon, this is mankind’s default state.

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Here are reporters being, well, whatever while animals behave like themselves.



Read the Underground History of American Education and find out that is just the slightest hint of the cesspool of historical education.  Each chapter dives into another area of graft and corruption.  Sure there are fine individuals here and there, but the point is, the system is still horrendous.  Whitewash a turd and what do you have?


We have three of them…

I have multiple kidinbox’s.  I utilize the name to provide a little anonymity.  That stated, I find it interesting that a kid needs to demonstrate more than tell.  Kidinbox had dental work.  To do so, and get better cooperation, I signed for conscious sedation.  This essentially means that Versed is used to shut off the hypocampus and allow no memory of the event.  Nitrous gas was also used to make cooperation of a greater likelihood.  Local anesthetic was injected for the actual pain control and papoose board was used to ensure cooperation.  With all of that, it still took the dentist, 2 aides, and a parent to get the job done.  I’ll pass on describing the details as it looks horrible, but really isn’t.  I’m a nurse.  I had to explain that fact to the aide.  You aren’t going to scare me.  We were placed in a room that had a massage chair.  After a while, I took note of the sign on the door which announced that this chair was for the adults.  I verified that the dental group had more issues with the parents than the kids.  Sounds like little league.  Anyways, back to kidinbox.  Soft food or shake were the only menu items recommended and there was a burger joint close that had shakes.  We went and obtained lunch for everyone.  On arrival at home, it was apparent that there was no equilibrium existing in kidinbox.  Two handed guiding was required to get this kid down the sidewalk and into the living room.  I mean literal two hands on pressure to keep face plant from occurring – again.  Yes, we learn one fall at a time.  So, I had realized that gravity was an accurate and full-time competitor and keeping kidinbox from having a flat nose required extra attention.  We made it into the living room and to the recliner next to the fish tank whereupon kidinbox was placed to reside and enjoy a shake in safety.  Mom gets home.  Kidinbox cheerily announces, “mom, I can’t walk,” then proceeds to get off the chair and at a step or two face plants on the carpet.  I guess telling mom wasn’t good enough.  Demonstration was required.  Sigh.

I found an excellent article which gets to the focus, I believe, of the accusations against Kavanaugh.  The ultimate goal is to deter any decent individual from trying to occupy an office.  The president calls and the person replies, “thank you, but no.  I don’t want to experience what he did.”  Note that this is a long-term plan which has its association with tin pot dictators and other societies which we used to hold in low regard.  Now a party is emulating them.  That thought alone should give anyone pause.