I had an interaction worthy of Dr. Grumpy:

(ring, ring)

Nurseinbox: Hello, how may I help you.

Mr. Mapless: I have been having a terrible headache and was wondering about taking “headachenomore”.

I checked the medicine list and found the medicine listed there.

Nurseinbox: What does the label say?

Mr. Mapless: Take one tablet for headache as needed every 6 hours.

Nurseinbox: I suggest you follow directions.

Mr. Mapless: Go ahead and take it?

Nurseinbox: Do you have a headache?

Mr Mapless: Yes.

Nurseinbox: I suggest you follow directions.

Mr. Mapless: Thank you.

Hangs up.

Nurseinbox: shakes head.


The refusal to answer a question, obfuscation of answer and hiding behind translation were points where I had enough.  Sean Hannity interviews these types and keeps an argument going, even when it is abundantly obvious there is no decent end in sight as the person in question has no desire for the truth.  If you don’t deal with truth, don’t waste my time.

The lady did make a good point.  Those muslims who are quiet just are the support for those who make the nightly news.  There is no difference in ideology, just levels of violence.  The illustration of chopsticks works here.  It takes both the stationary stick and the moving stick to be effective.  Either by itself, is not practical.

In the comments, it was noted that there were 231 million killed per Islam. (I am just taking the author’s word)  Add another 100 million per communism and compare that number to those killed in the black death.

For those who argue that muslims are just reacting, consider the comparison of the crusades to muslim incursions.

We received a commercial in the mail the other day.


Let me start by noting that for once in an ad, there is a white male playing with a child in an appropriate fashion without negatives associated with the adult male.  How strange is that?  (For comparison, how far back do you have to go to find a decent adult white male?)  Now, let’s note what is being sold here.  Dish.  What is Dish?  It is a satellite television programming service selling entertainment delivery to an image and sound producing machine located within a residence for a monthly fee.  What is the image presented?  An active association between an adult and child outside.  What on earth association is there between outside active play and inside sedentary passive observation?  None, actually.  It is a contrast, and Dish wanted me to associate the good feelings associated with interacting with a child to their sale of passive television programming.  Sorry, I’m too cynical for that ad.  Sell it to someone who believes that cigarettes are associated with a macho man on a horse in the American West, and not a small cell lung cancer patient on the ward…

This comment nailed the present state supported and covered by propaganda presented by the MSP.

Because she is the smartest, toughest, and most experienced player out there.

I was around political true believers all the time when I did IT support for the Executive Office. Needless to say, their superiors love them, because they will gladly sacrifice all, including turning a blind eye to criminality, for their champion. And the strange thing about it — the true believers are not so much believers in a cause to which they maintain a high standard of ritual purity, they are true believers in a political leader to whom they give total loyalty. After reading far too much on the mistakes of the cult of personality (Stalin) or der Fuhrerprinzip, finding such loyalty & obedience on open display in a Republic scared & repulsed me.

But you know what? Politicians demand it of their staffs, & sadly, they get it.

From here.

Imagine the desire for truth and the difference it would make in media, news, politics, culture.  All this present excrement would not survive in an environment of truth.

There has been progress on the dog poop pad.  We were outside working until just before 2200 last night as the weather report promised rain.  With that in mind, extra effort was applied, ATP was burned in the muscle fibers and the result shows below.  There are some weights on the top line of roofing.  We did not get the last cap piece cemented in place and just placed weights to hold until the proposed rain showers passed.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

Now that the cover is there, and rain is coming, all that remains is for Batman to use this and keep our carpets clean.  Time will tell.

I used to be a soldier’s spouse.  I have experience in the military as an associate, but enough to have a feel for the character they present.  I also have enough experience to realize why this administration loathes the military.  They are an institution representing the best America has to offer in the federal level.  They are the presentation of force to the world and expression of our society.  While I was associated with them, there was grace said before meals.  There were toasts to the country, service, and women.  (Remember that women fighting is a recent change, and really placed there as a detriment to the ranks)  The presentation was always with precision, planning, and training.  These were the ones providing their best to the country and asking little in return.  We saw “When the Game Stands Tall” a few weeks back, and I so appreciated the scene with the veterans.  That described the feeling of the troops.  They were there for each other.  That is the reason adding homosexuals and females in the ranks was desired by the present regime.  Placing those elements adds elements to the interactions causing the unit to be less effective.  If there was not a problem adding those elements, why was training provided on how to interact?  I have long argued that men will not behave towards women as they do to each other.  Period.  Full stop.  That is why women have no business being in fighting forces.  The same applied to homosexuals.  Their presence adds elements of distraction to the unit reducing their effectiveness.  How could I say that from outside a unit?  I have been in a nursing unit with a proud open homosexual.  He was fine as a nurse, but definitely added distraction to the unit.  Remember, that in a nursing crew, we get to leave after 8-12 hours and don’t see our fellows until the next day.  The military unit doesn’t have that space.  Personally, I think that is exactly the reason they were placed there by our present regime.  There are other reasons, but I won’t elaborate further.  I just was reminded of our great forces with a video link from an acquaintance at church:

This is what the left despises.  This is the depiction of our pride and why we stand tall and salute.  These are the ones providing the payment for freedom.  It isn’t free.

I received a link from siblinginbox and found an interesting set of Japanese marching.


The one I looked at from the page was:

I presume there was an incredible amount of time in practice.


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