I had thought that the emancipation proclamation was more for the purpose of keeping England from helping the confederates.  They had banned slavery a bit earlier, and this proclamation was a ploy to keep them away by use of embarrassment.

Every school kid needs to read this.   My wish is that every kid would understand it, but know the propaganda of the present system would preclude such a concept.


I have said previously how I have noted that those who seek the truth come away from the left.  Truth cannot live there in the midst of lies.  In the comments of this article I found the following:

Agree. But if (D)s were truly outraged, they wouldn’t be (D)s. This is why their outrage is always selective and superficial. Genuine outrage requires adherence to rigid standards. And once you risk following those, it can dangerously lead to introspection, intellectual honesty and ultimately, the chains come off and you run as fast as you can off the (D) plantation.

The only outrage you’ll see is the minimal amount needed to wipe her off the primary docket. If she is ostracized it won’t be because of the purity of the (D) hearts. It will be just another power play.

When I watch other drivers with disgust, it’s not because I can’t get to my destination a few seconds earlier.  It’s recognizing that the rules that used to be the bedrock of civilization are no longer in play and the only adherence to “law” is when the police are there.  This representative so obviously played the race card for affirmative action freebies, it’s hardly arguable.  Affirmative action – another law which needs to be tossed into the scrap heap.  Remember that at its base is the concept that the person cannot measure up to high standards, so needs help.  With that concept in mind, consider again the reasons this representative claimed status.

I found a new article.  One item there jumped out at me.

“Decades later, when examining the math textbook used by some young relatives of mine, who were living where I grew up in Harlem, I discovered that the math they were being taught in the 11th grade was less than what I had been taught in the 9th grade.”
Note the degradation of math presentation.  This is on purpose.  The socialist government can’t operate when there are people of knowledge who could oppose it.  The design originally was to allow those of different viewpoints to debate their various views and the view gathering the greatest support would then be tried.  It was not to be a power grab where someone in a bureaucratic office would get to dictate how the citizen’s lives ran.  The communist prefers people who will just work and follow directions – a slave plantation writ large.  What was one fear of the slave owners?  That their charges would obtain knowledge and weapons and become independent.  Here is the nugget of truth as to the dumbing down of the education system.
I hear frequently how much the kids now days are forced to work in school and the excessive amounts of information required of them.  Yet, I can check out at a store, provide an additional 2 cents to make even change and the young school educated checker can’t handle that calculation.  On conversation with one I was struck with the ability of them to site facts from the Amazon rain forest and random details of trivial things.  That’s when it struck me what the educational system was doing.  Kids presently are being presented trivia and calling it learning.  They learn facts and figures about meaningless things which have no practical import to their lives and are absolutely denied practical knowledge which could have an effect in altering their later voting patterns.  Example of what is being denied – I had kidinbox in school years ago and looked through an American history textbook.  There was a short entry on the impeachment of Clinton.  Opposition of the Republicans was presented.  There was not a syllable about obstruction of justice or perjury.  Real knowledge is being denied the kids.  It’s up to us to train them.  Teach them at home if you can.

I hear and see some modern “music” and mostly it turns me off.  When I read about some of the shenanigans these performers do on stage, it’s disgusting.  And then I realize that people pay good money to be there.  Now I compare that to this afternoon when I decided to listen to youtube and look up Mendelssohn.  I found a complete concert followed by a couple of others.  The last one is linked here:

Spend time and enjoy.  There is skill.  There is beauty.  There is class.  I even noted how she relaxed at the end and played the piano bare-foot.  The entire presentation was class.  The word that came to mind was simply – elegant.  This is my definition of music.  Comparatively, what I’m forced to listen to at the office is just noise.

Notice the quality of the product at the end.  No electricity, computers, or other gadgets and still the end product appears perfect.  It’s as if a previous generation knew what they were doing.  What a concept.

……………Because that Liberal did “something” and has washed her hands of the results.
Butshe feels good about it- which is all that matters.

Which is all that matters whenever a Liberal does “something” to help—– and generally makes things worse.

But at least they feel good about “doing something”.

“Doing something” as an euphemism for actions without thought.  This may be, and I have just conjecture at this point, a result of never having to lose at a game, always receiving a participation trophy, being praised for anything done and absolutely no experience running a business.  Planning is required for a business and learning to lose at games at a young age is there to teach effects of decisions.  With them removed, this would be the expected result.

This is important.  That’s putting it mildly.