Dear sir: Thank you for your reply.  There is an absence in it I noted.  No where did I detect any desire to remove government control on healthcare.  That is what I am asking.  The origin of health care insurance was government price controls on labor and the market looked to find another way to attract and reward good labor.  That is the origin of insurance in healthcare.  Government interference was the impetus.  More or different government interference won’t fix it.  Better programs aren’t the answer.  Freedom combined with responsibility is.  Reign in the trial lawyers and make people responsible for their own health care decisions.  When people have to pay for what they get, the market changes.  People receiving something paid for by someone else is socialism and a detriment to decent society.  This includes welfare, but that is a topic for another letter.

At this point, I reiterate the topic of my original letter.  I am seeking the removal of obammacare, not it’s replacement.  I am asking for government out of healthcare, not simply changed strings on we marionettes.  I know it’s an uphill battle as it requires government to actually give up power to the people and government is loathe to do so.  I also note that those elected officials know we the people desire removal of obammacare as there were several votes last year – during the election – with that as the topic.  Interesting that now we have a president who will sign such a bill and none has been presented.  Those actions are screaming louder than anything I could ever write. The Republicans are a bunch of hypocrites who present bills in an election year in accord with the desires of the voters who are subsequently ignored after the election.  Again: government out of healthcare.  Period.

I contacted my representative using the form supplied on their website and submitted the following:

It has come to my attention that there is a simply worded bill presented in committee to do the job we have been wanting done.  It says to stop obammacare and return to what existed prior to that time.  Simple.  Effective.  I am requesting you, as my representative, support this bill.  I am aware of several bills being passed last year.  I believe the number was about 7.  They were show votes as the previous president was not going to sign such a piece of legislation.  Now we have a president who would sign and it’s time to send him a bill.  I have read this bill and fully support it.  I am asking others to contact their representatives as well.  The Republican presence was increased in the past elections for exactly this purpose.  We want intrusive government out of our lives.  We don’t want a substituted intrusion.  To illustrate: I don’t want to excise stomach cancer and replace it with liver cancer.  If a house is on fire, you extinguish the fire, you don’t replace the fire.  Thank you

Please contact your representative.  Use the zipcode box in the upper right corner.  There will be a couple of picture identify boxes to prove you have a pulse.

Get ahold of your congress critters now.  Now.  NOW!!!

There is finally a bill in committee to repeal obammacare.  It will be soon apparent who was on the repeal bandwagon for only votes.


Here’s one possibility:

Dear sir:

Last year, there were several votes to repeal obammacare.  They were show votes as there was not a chance that the president at that time would sign the bill.  Now there is.  A bill is now presented in committee by Rep Mo Brooks that contains the reason you have been sent to Washington as our representative.  It states to repeal obammacare plain and simple.  That’s what we want.   That is why we increased the Republican representation – to stop this atrocity on the American people.  I am counting on your assistance in moving this piece of legislation forward to remove this anchor.  Thank you.

I was looking on the conservative treehouse and found this:

Because the admission proves that prior to President Trump there was no ACTUAL republican intention, an actual legislative position, to remove Obamacare.

As memory served me, there were multiples of bills last year voted on with the express title of removing obammacare.  Now that we have a president who would actually sign the bill, I’m noticing crickets.  This sort of tells me that the RINO’s have no real intention of removing obammacare, just knew they had to sound that way for the election.  It that cynical, or observation of behavior?  This makes me glad Trump is there.

I looked at the electoral college historically and with the parties reversed, John F. Kennedy had similar numbers.  Next, with all the push to get electors to vote against Trump, it was Hillary who lost more.  How about that stated differently – more of Hillary’s electors thought she was unfit to serve than Trump’s electors, by a margin of over 2:1.  Of course the alphabet media will never present it that way, though it fits the style of their propaganda, just in the opposite direction.

I find it mind boggling the double standard. Now, I don’t want to go get high, but I would like to see th.e welfare recipients put through the same jumping of hoops that us working folk get to do

As to the last comment on the post, the reason politicians aren’t is because they want the aura of not being under the law.  Hillary.  They make the law, therefore are not subject to it.  Remember the Republicans who stated they would start following the law and then screamed when the realization hit that their lowly workers would have to be allowed off work after a reasonable period of time – legislated by themselves – and not worked 90-100 hours per week?  Bottom line, it’s all a scam with the goal of maintaining and increasing political power.  Blacks, you think you’re off the plantation?  What does your voting show?  Lying B. Johnson stated he would have you voting Democrat for generations.  He was right, and you have shown your vote is up for sale.  There are many assessments of the black family prior to welfare and after welfare.  Check them out.  Thank the government for the change.  From my observation, there are a few that need welfare.  That would be few.  Most can work.  Most can do something.  The problem is that government has placed the bar for a business high enough, that few can cross it.  That is also on purpose.  Why allow people with individual desires/thoughts to be allowed expression if they may not follow the political/party line?  It’s better to keep them poor and steal from productive individuals to do so.  Cloward & Piven.

I’m not a Trump supporter, but do find what I hear interesting.  At least he is pushing the right themes and reminding of stuff normally thrown on the back burner, or even pushed on the floor and swept to the baseboard.  Anyways, this article had an intriguing support with a perfect line at the end:

“I ask you this: If you personally had a million or billion dollar project to contract out, would you hire Trump or Boehner to manage it for you?

That does put perspective on it.

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